Line Locates with Hydro Excavation

Over the years, line locating has become increasingly complicated. Gas and utility lines have been installed over one another, often without clear documentation or any at all. This means that without proper line locates, excavation jobs run the risk of damaging important cables and wasting valuable time. Thankfully, hydro excavation shows us how to safely line locate fast and efficiently.

Line Locates with Hydro Excavation

Don’t Settle for Less

Proper line locating is critical to safe excavation. Jobs are frequently required for new projects as well as maintaining existing infrastructure. Pipes leak, utility lines need to be updated, parts degrade over time, and some just fall out of use. On top of that, each line is buried at a different level and certain ones — such as gas and electrical — can be dangerous to work around. This is true not only in cities but in less densely populated areas as well.

Simply locating the lines isn’t enough. If they’re not careful, crews might strike these lines, leading to injury, power outages, or more. Previously, we had to rely on slow and exhausting manual labor. The introduction of machines such as backhoes helped speed up the process, yet still could cause accidents. Even if they don’t damage the essential lines, they often tear up everything just to reach them.

Hydro Excavation is the Future

The hydro vacuum is as ingenious as it is effective. There’s no need for explosives, unwieldy machinery, or toxic chemicals. Just water and air. Pinpoint water jets are shot into the earth, quickly turning it into debris that is then vacuumed away into a storage tank. With these precision blasts, we excavate only what is necessary. The vacuum keeps the site clear as work continues, allowing work to proceed smoothly and cleanly.

If the site isn’t mapped out beforehand, hydro excavation is so quick that scanning the area takes no time at all. Gone are the days when you have to waste hours manually digging up the wrong spot just to fill it back in. The pressure level can also be adjusted if there are especially sensitive lines underneath. After work is complete, the area is stored in a GPS for future reference.

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