What is Daylighting?

Construction is a dirty job and it takes an experienced team to do it right. That’s the Texan way and no one does it better than 4 Warriors. What makes us the best is our proven track record and our revolutionary technology. Daylighting is just one example of what sets us apart from the rest.

What is Daylighting?An Intro to Daylighting

In short, daylighting is the process of exposing underground utilities to daylight. The job can’t get done until you can reach the utility lines so excavating quickly and efficiently is key. The problem is that the deeper they’re dug, the more debris is created. That means more work and more danger. Using manual labor or traditional construction vehicles risk putting people and property in harm’s way. Someone might dig directly into sensitive utility lines, piles of dirt might collapse, or worse.

At 4 Warriors, we have a better way. By using the power of hydro excavation we can daylight with ease. Pressurized water makes quick work of dirt and debris, which is then whisked away into a storage tank. This clears the way for work to be done and makes it a breeze to refill the work area afterward. While other teams would still be digging, our team is done and ready for the next step.

Who We Are

4 Warriors is a family-owned business that began right here in Texas. Our name is a reference to our tightly-knit team and to our devotion to Christ. We strive to treat our customers like our own family, and we believe that shows in our work. We’ve worked all across the state on some of the biggest jobs, everything from refineries to nuclear facilities. Our operators are highly trained, certified, and experienced. You simply won’t find a better team to get the job done.

When planning your next construction job, don’t just look for the team that knows how to daylight. Look for the team that does it right. That’s 4 Warriors. Contact us to learn more today.