3 Benefits of Hiring a Vacuum Excavator for Your Next Project

Managing a construction site is all about finding the best solutions for constantly changing problems. A change order might mean in-progress building needs to be slightly bigger. Surprise notices from the county or city might mean you need to add more to the utility lines. Sometimes, those existing utility lines might not have been completely marked in the first place. No matter what the problem is, hiring a vacuum excavator on your next project just might be your best solution.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Vacuum Excavator for Your Next Project

1. You can use the moved dirt as back fill without worrying about slurry.

Excess dirt has to go somewhere. If it’s contaminated, that becomes more expensive quickly. The best way to make sure you don’t have to deal with the problem of removing excess soil is to make sure the material can be used as backfill. Slurry from water-based excavation can expand the volume of the dirt and leave you with a problem. Vacuum excavation makes sure that doesn’t happen.

2. Control excess weight on your construction site.

Water is heavy. So are traditional, mechanical excavation tools. If you’re working in an area that has weight constraints either because of the active construction or because of the nature of the premises, you need something lightweight.

3. You don’t have to shut down because of damage delays.

Mechanical excavation is dangerous for your timeline. With the wrong tools, it’s far too easy to break pipes or snap power connections. Vacuum excavations are gentler on the utilities you need to have exposed. This means you have a lower risk of delays from fixing the damage and your worksite stays safer.

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