How Hydrovac Trucks Work: What You Need to Know

Environmental concerns have led to the development of new technologies for excavation, and one of the most popular is the hydrovac truck. Using high-pressure water to break up soil and a high-powered vacuum to remove the resulting slurry, hydrovac trucks are a safe and efficient way to excavate without disturbing the surrounding environment. Unlike traditional excavating methods that can damage underground utilities or create unsafe conditions, these trucks are much gentler on the ground and are less likely to cause problems.

How Hydrovac Trucks Work: What You Need to Know

Hydrovac 101: What Are Hydrovac Trucks and How Do They Work?

Hydrovac trucks are large vehicles that use high-pressure water to excavate soil and other materials. Hydrovac trucks are equipped with a boom that can be raised and lowered, and the boom has a nozzle that emits a high-pressure stream of water. This stream of water is used to break up the soil so that the hydrovac can suction it up and deposit it in a tank. The tank stores a mixture of water and abrasive material like sand or gravel. The tank is also equipped with a filter to keep the debris from clogging the pump.

What Applications Are These Trucks Used For?

Hydrovac trucks are most often used for trenching, utility work, and pipeline maintenance. They can also be used for sewage and stormwater system cleaning, and for removing snow and ice from roads. Below are some of the most common applications for hydrovac trucks:

– Excavating around underground utilities

– Removing tree roots from sewer lines

– Cleaning up oil spills

– Excavating foundation walls

– Digging trenches

Hydrovac trucks are an important part of the construction industry and are used by utility companies, environmental cleanup crews, and foundation contractors. If you need to excavate around sensitive areas, a hydrovac truck is the safest and most efficient way to get the job done.

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