Choosing Hydro Excavation Over Mechanical Excavation

Trenching is one of the most common civil works project. Trenching is a procedure that is generally used for laying underground utilities. Since the trenching process generally requires only narrow trenches, choosing hydro excavation is one of the best routes you can take when you need to complete a job.

Choosing Hydro Excavation Over Mechanical Excavation

Do you remember the days when all the digging was completed manually? Do you remember how slow and laborious the process was? Unlike the hydrovac excavation methods, traditional digging methods do not have the ability to dig into the narrow areas. Also, when using the traditional methods of digging, you will find yourself spending additional money and resources because the trenches will need backfilling.

Digging methods that will require the use of digging equipment will always include the risk of damaging the underground utilities and materials. Digging equipment can also lead to the removal of more dirt than you intended. Since the traditional digging methods involve heavy equipment, additional spending, and strenuous labor, the digging methods can present multiple risks for your safety.

The hydro excavation process involves the use of pressurized water to safely and effectively remove soil. Since pressurized water is used, you will be able to safely remove the right amount of soil layers.

Before you can begin the excavation process, the site will need to be examined to ensure that everything can be preserved throughout the process, especially the natural habitat. After the site has been examined, it will be necessary for the size and depth of the site to be made accurately. Once you have taken the necessary steps, the excavation work can begin.

When you need an excavation project complete, choosing the hydro excavation process over mechanical excavation has proven to be a better solution than bringing in heavy equipment. Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive way to complete your digging project with the use of water. Hydrovac excavation has certainly outclassed the process of mechanical excavation.

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