Vacuum Excavation: Non-Destructive Digging

Vacuum excavation, also known as non-destructive digging(NND), involves the use of a pump that has been mounted on a vacuum truck. The pump is used to bring about a strong type of suction that is powerful enough to remove debris. Vacuum excavation offers a list of advantages, but one of the major advantages is that it is non-destructive.

Vacuum Excavation: Non-Destructive Digging

Since the vacuum excavation process is non-destructive, the chances of any operator damaging lines and underground utilities will be greatly reduced. When a non-destructive process is used and the risks of damages are reduced, this will reduce the chances of major downtime and delays. Underground utility and line strikes can result in significant damages that will be costly, but using non-destructive digging can lower the risks of those occurrences.

Vacuum excavation continues to be considered a best practice, especially when it comes to locating utilities that have been buried underground. Vacuum excavation techniques are accepted worldwide because they are the safest way to uncover underground services or excavate underground services, such as the following:

  • storm water
  • sewer pipes
  • electrical cables
  • telephone lines or other communication cables
  • gas and water

When you compare vacuum excavation techniques to traditional excavation techniques, the risks of damages are higher when mechanical excavation techniques are used. Vacuum excavation can reduce the chances of underground utility damages by 50 percent. The techniques that are involved in the vacuum excavation process will allow the cables, lines, pipes, etc. to be exposed safely, regardless of where they are located underground.

When you use the vacuum excavation process, you will not have to worry about causing any damages underground or to the site and its surroundings. Vacuum excavation techniques will not result in major disturbances to the ground and it will not result in major restrictions in the area because there is no use of giant machinery.

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