Underground Utility Myths: What Should You Know?

Underground utility myths can prevent you from making the right decisions that are needed to run an effective and safe project. Do not let the common myths surrounding underground utilities lead to extensive delays, service interference, and excessive costs.

Locate Marks, Utility Depths, and Utility Strikes: What Should You Know?

We want you to review these common myths to make certain that you are following all the rules and guidelines that have been established by the industry. We encourage you to incorporate best practices into your strategies and procedures if you want to have a safe and effective operation each time.

Myth 1: The Utility Depth Can Be Estimated

In order to effectively determine the locator depths, the utilities will need to be exposed in order to verify the depth and the location. Even when you know a utility is underground, the utility will need to be marked. There are times when utilities will be installed before an excavation process.

When this happens, the surface grade will be changed significantly. It is important that you remember that you should never assume the depths of one or more utilities. If you want to obtain the exact measurements of locator depths, there needs to be exposure.

Myth 2: Utility Strikes Will Not Happen

It is easy to think that you will never hit a utility during underground digging, but a utility strike can happen at any time to anyone. If you have never had an underground utility strike before, this does not mean it will never happen.

Even when you feel like you can cut corners when it comes to safety procedures and protocols, it is important to never do so. Rushing to get the job done can lead to major damages, and the major damages can lead to major consequences.

Myth 3: I Can Dig In A Spot With No Marks

If you find a spot with no marks, this does not mean you should start digging with no questions asked. Do not assume that any spot is safe to dig without going through the proper procedures. There are some utility lines that may not have been located or recorded.

It is important to perform a thorough inspection of the area in order to determine if there is any indication that a line may be present. Some evidence that a line may be present can include repaired soil and utility boxes.

We are all aware that accidents can happen to anyone, even when we are extremely careful. There are hundreds of thousands of utility strikes every year. At 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, we take the necessary steps to ensure to reduce risks, and we always proceed with caution.

For more information on our services and the procedures we take to ensure safety, please do not hesitate to contact us.