Access Underground Utilities With Vacuum Excavation

Generally, vacuum excavation is used for various things like safely exposing utilities that are underground. Also, vacuum excavation is used so often because of the extra precision and security that it can provide each time. Since the excavation process can be so precise and safe, this process can be used in a variety of settings.

Access Underground Utilities With Vacuum Excavation

When you add vacuum excavation to your services, you can open the door to a long list of jobs that you can complete. Some of the jobs that can be completed using vacuum excavation are listed below:

  • system installation in smaller areas
  • main break repair
  • utility pole digging

There is a long list of opportunities that can be achieved, especially in the months when the temperatures have dropped. On the colder days, it can be more difficult to use traditional equipment to dig holes into the ground. However, vacuum excavation equipment can be used more effectively because of its size and capabilities.

Vacuum excavators have continued to be an economical solution in situations where a high number of risks are present. In situations where the use of traditional mechanical trenching or excavation machines will cause a significant amount of damage, these excavators can be used. Manual digging is not as efficient as vacuum excavation, especially when it comes to safety reasons and economic reasons.

Some of the risks and costs that are associated with coming in contact with underground utilities or infrastructures include the following:

  • equipment damage
  • lost productivity
  • repair costs
  • disruption of services
  • injuries or death to members of the public or an employee

When you use vacuum excavators to dig underground, you will see an immediate increase in efficiency and productivity. The vacuum process can be used in the following situations:

  • construction work
  • landscaping
  • laying new cables
  • pipe repair
  • ground excavation
  • sewer and water main service cleaning
  • pole installation

Vacuum excavation equipment can allow you to quickly access and expose any utilities or infrastructure that are underground while having a positive impact on the environment. For more information on vacuum excavation, please do not hesitate to contact us today.