Why Excavation Contractors Should Switch To Hydro Excavation

Most excavation contractors know the disadvantages of using traditional excavation equipment.  If you’ve worked in this field for a while, you’ve probably had some negative experiences like not being able to see your equipment while excavating, hitting utility lines with sharp edged tools, and other serious problems like cave-ins and falling loads.  Just one, let alone several, of these factors make for a very hazardous work atmosphere, not to mention the fact that these problems are costing contactors valuable time and money.

Why Excavation Contractors Should Switch To Hydro ExcavationSwitching from traditional excavating equipment to hydro excavator trucks could eliminate all your worries.  Here are some of the advantages to doing so.

1. You can see!  With big equipment, your view is obscured.  You can’t see, and that’s why a lot of accidents happen.  Hydro excavation is not only quick, but precise, giving you a clear view of what you need to see.

2. It’s cleaner!  Hydro excavator trucks spray water with the dirt to move it, and then suck it all up at the same time.  Not only are you able to see things clearly, but there’s virtually no mess where you’re working.

3. Utility lines are much safer!  Because you’re working around the utility lines with just water and a vacuum, there’s not a risk of cutting into the lines or damaging them as you could by using conventional methods.

4. You can use it in all kinds of weather!  If the ground is frozen, you can’t dig, right?  This is not the case with a hydro excavator truck.  By using the water it sprays, you can still thaw the ground where you’re working, and get the job done.

I’d say there were many advantages to switching to hydro excavation from traditional outdated methods.  Not only will you be safer,  you’ll be providing a better work environment that you can see and use during almost any condition.  If you’re an excavation contractor considering the switch, 4 Warriors Hydro Excavation can definitely help you and discuss your options.  We have lots of experience and training in this area and would love to fulfill all your needs.  Contact us today for more information!