Why Potholing Is Important In Hydro Excavation

The term “potholing” refers to finding and then exposing important underground items in a certain area. When hydro excavation is used, pressurized water is first used to loosen the dirt and then a vacuum is used to suck up all of this dirt. Here are three reasons why potholing is important in hydro excavating.

Why Potholing Is Important In Hydro ExcavationIt Exposes Underground Pipes, Cables, And Utilities 

When you use the potholing technique in hydro excavation, you are actually exposing all the underground pipes, cables, utilities, and any other important items or structures that are located underground. This process is very important because it allows you to see exactly where these things are located, and it helps to take out any guess work out of the project that you are working on.

It Makes Excavating Safer 

Another great reason why potholing is so important in hydro excavating is because it makes excavating so much safer. The pressurized water safely removes all the dirt away from the pipes, cables, and utilities, without causing any damage to them. This is very important because when excavating with heavy-duty equipment, you can accidentally bump into these lines and cause a great deal of damage to them.

It Allows You To Check The Underground Items

Lastly, potholing is very important in hydro excavating because it allows you to thoroughly inspect these underground items. Because there is a high level of precision in hydro excavating, you can see exactly where the pipes, cables, and utilities area and there is no dirt surrounding them. This makes it possible to fix these items much more quickly and efficiently, which saves everyone both time and money.

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