4 Cost Benefits Of Hydro Excavation You Need To Know About

Also known as potholing, daylighting, or non-destructive excavation, hydro excavation is an effective method for digging utility holes, pipe sewers, and trenching. Hydro excavation entails using high-pressure water and vacuum to dig into the soil without damaging underground components. It is an efficient method that perfectly works even in frozen soils using hot pressurized water, making it a non-destructive procedure.  Unlike the traditional excavation methods that are labor-intensive, risky, and more operative, hydro excavation is a reliable method with its efficiency, enhanced speed, accuracy, and cost-effective benefits. Explore this helpful post to see the cost benefits of hydro excavation you never knew about.

4 Cost Benefits Of Hydro Excavation You Need To Know About

Cost Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Here are five cost benefits of hydro excavation you need to know:

Less Labor Intensive

Traditional digging techniques require more effort because backhoes and hand tools are used, necessitating the utilization of additional people. On the other hand, a hydro excavation demands far fewer personnel, saving on the cost of labor.

Enhanced Speed

The process saves time and work done by utilizing a more efficient process. There is no need to move the trash into dump trucks or dumpsite; hydro excavation drilling is faster. Suction is used in the hydro excavation vacuuming operation to store the displaced dirt in the truck’s debris tank.

Reduced Risks

Traditional excavation methods entail time-consuming processes and equipment, which may include explosives. These approaches come with additional risks, such as falling debris, cave-ins, and even landslides in more significant operations, putting personnel in danger. Cutting through the frozen ground is significantly more difficult in colder areas, making traditional methods even more dangerous. On the other hand, hydro excavation employs an extension to expel water, which keeps the employees a safe distance from the project. The risk-free method saves on costs needed to compensate for uncertainties.

Environmentally Friendly

The cost or benefit that an individual incurs due to the actions of another party during their production or service delivery is called an externality. Traditional excavation methods are environmentally unfriendly and destructive, hence externalities. Hydro excavation is an environmentally friendly method that uses water and pressure, which are non-hazardous. In addition, there is no damage to the existing underground utilities since there is no soil disturbance. The environmentally friendly method has no externalities associated with it.

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