Daylighting/Potholing With Hydrovacs

A hydrovac, also known as a hydro excavation truck, serves as a dependable and efficacious way to excavate. Although there are several other methods to excavate today, hydrovacs have become one of the most effective ways to achieve the desired results. The traditional and manual methods that were once used regularly are now being pushed to the side for hydro excavation.

Daylighting/Potholing With Hydrovacs

A hydro excavation truck uses water to break up ground and a vacuum to break up debris. Since the hydrovac uses an amalgamation of these components, there will be very little risk of underground utility damage. The hydro excavation method is known for its precision and its ability to avoid the use of razor-sharp edges that cause some of the most damage throughout the year when digging takes place.

Since hydrovacs do not depend on some of the components that the manual and traditional processes use, there will not be a need for an increase in labor or restoration. Since the use of hydrovacs does not require as much labor and restoration as other methods, productivity levels will not be impeded.

Hydro excavation is used for a variety of reasons, including daylighting(also referred to as potholing). Daylighting(or potholing) is one of the common uses of hydro excavation. This is the process of digging a hole in order to expose the utilities that are located underground. During the daylighting/potholing process, the utilities will be checked for any damages such as holes or cracks.

Daylighting/potholing is an essential maintenance process for underground utilities and it should not be a one-time process. If the hydro excavation process is used properly, there will not be any damages to the underground utilities. The use of a hydro excavation truck is used for much more than potholing/daylighting, but the truck can also be used for soil trenching, removing debris, and cold weather digging.

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