Commercial Irrigation Options with Hydrovac Slot Trenching

Every commercial construction project has to think about irrigation as an important part of the property’s total design. Texas is perennially in a drought, but green grasses sell buildings, bring in shoppers, and even make a good first impression with office tenants. The only way to resolve that contradiction is with a good irrigation system that uses as little water as possible to keep the landscaping well-watered.

Commercial Irrigation Options with Hydrovac Slot Trenching

How can hydro excavation help with your irrigation project?

If the change order for a different irrigation layout comes in after all of the plumbing and electrical lines have been laid, that’s going to be frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be impossible or throw off the entire construction schedule. Hydrovac excavation can help you work around existing installations and let work keep going because:

1. Hydrovacs won’t rip up underground installations.

Hydrovac excavators don’t use mechanical digging tools to shift the dirt aside. Instead, they use pressurized, and sometimes heated, water. This turns the dirt into a slurry that can be vacuumed way. This process won’t cut into pipes and wiring that have already been installed.

2. Hydrovacs can create precise trenches that follow exact landscaping plans.

Hydrovacs are more precise. The technicians can use handheld wands or hoses to only move the dirt you need to lay down the tracks of irrigation hoses and sprinkler heads. No matter how complex and precise the pattern needs to be, especially near decorative landscaping, a hydrovac system can create that grid in the dirt.

3. It’s easier to backfill and patch once the irrigation is installed.

Because of the minimal disruption hydrovacs cause, there’s less cleanup afterward. The dirt can be pumped back over the irrigation system, the sod can be rolled on top, and you can place that change order in the ‘done’ pile.

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