What Is Potholing and Which Technique Is Best?

Excavating can be challenging and, quite literally, dirty work. Before a crew can begin construction, they have to know exactly where to excavate in the first place. Even this comes with risks, as striking in the wrong spot could result in disaster for the workers and for the surroundings. Fortunately, there’s one technique that makes this a far safer task.

What Is Potholing and Which Technique Is Best?

An Introduction to Potholing

Using a process called potholing, crews are able to locate underground utility lines not only much more quickly but more accurately as well. This is done by excavating holes (generally 12 inches deep) to confirm the location, depth, and type of the line before beginning construction. Under previous methods such as using charts, there was a much greater chance of digging in the wrong location. More than simply wasting time and energy, excavating incorrectly could lead to danger. Power or utility lines might be struck, leading to outages and electrical harm to the workers.

Potholing Techniques

There are several potholing techniques available, although each has its drawbacks. Digging with manual tools is usually accurate enough, but is exhausting and can take far too much time. Digging with a backhoe is faster, but is also cumbersome and creates a greater risk of exposure and environmental damage. Eventually, vacuum excavation came along and made significant improvements. It used pressurized air to destroy dirt and rock and clear the way. The debris was then vacuumed onto a truck and used for backfilling.

Why Hydro Excavation Is the Way to Go

Vacuuming excavation has been a boon, but we now have an even better method! It works in much the same way as the vacuum technique but possesses additional benefits. The key difference is that water is used to clear the dirt rather than air. Because of this small yet ingenious change, the results are more accurate and cost-effective. Not only that, it works with most soil types and minimizes environmental damage and employee risk even further.

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