How Hydro Excavation Is Done

Hydro excavation involves the removing and moving of soil with pressurized water. Many people prefer hydro excavation because of the number of benefits in the excavation industry.

How Hydro Excavation Is Done

The hydro excavation equipment may differ in model and performance. Some of the major applications of hydro excavation are:

  • Slot trenching is the excavation of narrow trenches for pipes and cables to be installed.
  • Piling home excavation is the general home excavation that allows poles, signs, and piling to be installed. The excavation done is minimal and non-destructive.
  • Daylighting is the removal of dirt covering areas for repairs and inspection to be done.


Pressurized water is directed into the construction site, and as a result, it softens the soil. The vacuum system, which uses a powerful hose, is activated, and the mixture of soil and water is directed into a truck or debris tank. The vacuum system uses the fan or the positive displacement blower to move the debris.

The fan system is faster to ensure large amounts of air are moved, while the displacement blower is slower and moves air to a longer distance.

What determines the depth to which an excavator can go includes;

  • Engine type
  • Model of the excavator
  • Attachments
  • Make of the excavator


  • Size of the bucket: an excavator with a big bucket will go deeper than one with a standard-sized bucket. 
  • Size of the arm: the arm is essential for the depth of an excavator. A long arm can reach deeper into the soil and rotate further enough.
  • High horsepower: larger excavators with high horsepower can dig deeper than mini excavators, which are easy to handle.

A standard excavator can go to a depth of 10- 50 feet. Digging deeper is not entirely advisable; it can cause several issues for your excavator. The following can happen if you push an excavator beyond its limit;

  • Overheating of the engine
  • Bending of the arm and bucket
  • Parts and joints becoming loose
  • Break the arm

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