4 Major Advantages of Hydro Excavating

Hydro excavation entails the removal of soil with pressured water using hydro excavators. It involves using different equipment and high pressured water to excavate soil at controlled magnitudes. Here are the major advantages of hydro excavating.

4 Major Advantages of Hydro Excavating


Hydro excavation is safe compared to other modes of excavation because of its non-mechanical and destructive nature.

As a result, the laborers are safe from machinery accidents and mishaps.

The equipment used in the process can be put at a distance from the excavation site, reducing traffic and congestion.

Less Labor Intensive

Hydro excavation is less labor intensive and requires the use of fewer tools.

Conversely, traditional excavation is more labor intensive because the tools used require more workers.

Minimal Damage

The process has minimal effect on the surrounding infrastructure than traditional excavation methods. The damage to nearby utilities, surrounding pipes, and the environment is low.

Better for the Environment

The process uses water for digging, which is a non-hazardous medium. Moreover, it does not damage the existing utilities, making it better for the environment than traditional excavation.

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