4 Ways Hydro Excavation Is The Most Cost-Efficient Solution

Hydro excavation, also called potholing, daylighting, or non-destructive excavation, is an excavation technique that uses high-pressure water and vacuum to excavate soil without destroying underground utilities. Traditional excavation techniques use backhoes for significant operations and hand tools in tiny spaces. These methods are labor-intensive and risky, particularly when digging close to underground utilities. Furthermore, these solutions don’t suit cold weather conditions. Hydro excavation provides more safety, and it is a more cost-efficient alternative.

4 Ways Hydro Excavation Is The Most Cost-Efficient Solution

Ways Hydro Excavation Is a More Cost-Efficient Solution Than Traditional Excavation Methods

Hydro excavation is more affordable than traditional excavation techniques in these ways:

1. It Is Faster

You can use hydro excavation to dig an area in a short period. This method is quicker as you won’t spend time transporting debris to dump trucks and dumpsites. Hydro excavation has a vacuuming process that uses suction to store the displaced soil in the truck’s debris tank. You can use the time saved to do more work, and you won’t incur labor and energy costs needed if you were disposing of the dirt.

2. It Is Less Labor Intensive

Traditional excavation techniques use hand tools and backhoes, making them labor-intensive. Conversely, hydro excavation needs fewer workers, reducing labor costs.

3. It Offers Greater Precision

Some jurisdictions ban traditional digging methods, particularly in projects with fragile, pre-existing elements like underground utilities in small spaces. Hydro excavation allows these initiatives to be compliant and eliminates repair costs, fines, and project delays as you seek clearance.

4. It is Safer, Less Riskier

Traditional digging methods may involve risky procedures and materials, such as explosives. These techniques can have extra risk factors like cave-ins, falling debris, and landslides, creating dangerous conditions for employees. Non-destructive excavation emits water using an extension, placing workers at a safer distance. You won’t spend money treating injuries, paying for sick leaves, or performing search and rescue operations, as your staff will be safe.

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