Hydro Excavating Process 101

The Common Ground Alliance distributes data on the causes and types of underground damage every year. In North America, 316,422 damage reports were filed in 2017. Backhoes and trenchers caused the most damage underground, accounting for the majority of reported damages. The hydro excavating process entails using highly pressurized water jets to loosen the surface material first and then forceful suction to remove the loosened mud slurry material. This procedure is popular since it reduces the amount of damage that occurs on-site.

Hydro Excavating Process 101

It is rated as the most environmentally friendly method because it utilizes two non-mechanical sources required in Vacuum hydro excavation. The first is the use of high-pressure water or air to loosen the surface material, and the second is the use of suction and airflow to remove the loose soil material and store it in a debris tank for proper disposal from the site or later use as backfill to fill the excavation site.

The following are some of the critical processes that must be completed before hydro evacuation

  • Identifying a project’s risks and hazards so that the construction team can reduce the likelihood of incidents that could result in or cause work-related injuries or fatalities.
  • The crew then chooses one of the two main types of vacuums: a positive displacement blower or fan system. Fan systems are appropriate for most applications since they are lighter, less expensive, easier to run and dig quickly. Positive displacement blowers are slower than rotating blowers but work at higher depths, making them ideal for heavy-duty excavation tasks.
  • Regulate the water pressure to the required levels that are not harmful. Pipeline coating can be damaged by greater than normal pressure levels, so the construction engineers must guarantee that the correct water pressure levels of roughly 2000 psi are maintained.
  • Do not stand near a hole as it grows larger and deeper as you excavate. At this point, cave-ins are probable, so protect yourself and those who are nearby.

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