Why You Need Hydro Excavation For Line Locates

Why You Need Hydro Excavation For Line LocatesDue to the increasing number of buried utilities, digging underground is even more difficult today than it has been in previous years. In addition to water, sewer, natural gas and electric lines, excavators also have to deal with buried traffic light and telecommunication cables buried deep down in the soil.

If you need to dig and you don’t know the exact location of the buried utilities, contacting a company that specializes in line locates through hydro excavating is the wisest decision you can make. This method is the safest and most reliable way to locate buried lines that have unknown whereabouts. It’s too risky to start digging with a backhoe, which can easily break or cut into a buried utility line. In addition to the expense and the time that it takes to replace a destroyed line, it’s also dangerous.

Hydro excavation is completely safe because there is no cutting or digging down into the ground where buried lines rest. After making a hole in the ground, pressurized water blasts down into the opening to break up the dirt and gravel. Once these materials are loose, the high-powered vacuum that’s attached to the truck removes the loosened debris from the hole.

Hydro excavating is a precise and reliable technique for locating and uncovering buried utilities. Our company, 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, proudly uses this method to locate buried lines in Carrizo Springs, Texas to make way for the new pipeline.

When you need accurate line locates, contact us for professional hydro excavation services. Don’t take the unnecessary risk of damaging a buried utility line when there’s an affordable and safer alternative.