Locating Utility Lines With Hydro Excavation

Digging to find underground utilities can be tricky, so it’s important to know exactly what you are doing. The whole process of potholing involves finding these underground utilities safely to determine their location. By using the wrong method, it could be disastrous for the workers, utilities, and the surrounding facilities.

Using a method that is safe, but still efficient is the preferred method in this fragile environment. Causing the electrical system to go out at a hospital can be devastating, but could happen if certain procedures are not followed.

Locating Utility Lines With Hydro Excavation

What is Potholing?

Potholing is used to excavate 12″ holes for the location of underground utilities which verifies the location, type, and depth. The methods for performing this important procedure include; digging by hand, the use of a backhoe and vacuum excavating.

Methods for Potholing 

Digging by hand requires manpower and is safe, but the time required to perform this method can be time-consuming. Hand tools used in this process are a minimal risk for damage to the utility.

The backhoe was the most popular method but can cause damage to the utility. This is a risky method that should be avoided.

Vacuum excavation is now the most popular method for minimizing damage to these underground utilities. The use of high-pressure air breaks up the dirt and rock, which is then vacuumed into a container on a work truck. This container holds the dirt until it is ready for backfilling.

Hydro Excavation is superior for finding the location of underground utilities. This procedure uses water to break up the soil instead of air pressure. This makes it the best method for Potholing for many reasons.

  • This procedure minimizes damage
  • Saves time and money over other methods
  • Is more accurate
  • Less dangerous to employees.
  • Breaks down most types of soil
  • Environmental friendly

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