Hydro Excavation Minimizes Risk When Potholing

Potholing is an excavating term meaning to dig a hole that confirms the presence of underground utilities or other materials in order to safely conduct a construction project or examine pipes and conduit. It is sometimes called daylighting because it exposes underground infrastructures to the daylight, so they are viewable to professionals in the relevant field. While some people use a backhoe or other heavy machinery, hydro excavation minimizes risk when potholing.

Hydro Excavation Minimizes Risk When Potholing

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation replaces shovels and air vacuums with a water vacuum to remove material from the ground. High-pressure water cuts through the dirt but not the man made conduit or pipe, and the dirt and water are sucked up with a vacuum. This mixture can be a relatively clean process, and the mixture is generally transported to a debris tank.

How Does Hydro Excavation Minimize Risk When Potholing?

Most people have heard the “Call Before You Dig” slogan promoting homeowners to call and have underground utility lines labeled prior to any digging. This instruction is to minimize the risk that the homeowner will hit a utility line, which will need repair and could be dangerous. The goal of potholing is to locate and examine utilities, so going at it while a shovel is counterintuitive. Air and water vacuums remove soil safely while leaving utilities intact. Hydro excavation tends to make quick work of it.

Keep It Simple with Hydro Excavation for Potholing

When you are doing something as simple as a locate or a visual examination of underground structures, the last thing you want to do is complicate the issue by damaging your utilities. A simple job can turn into an expensive headache. Shovels and other heavy machinery can technically do the job, but it is always at the risk of damaging underground lines. If you choose hydro excavation, your simple project will remain simple, and you won’t have any unexpected damages from a shovel.

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