Why Hydro Excavation For Potholing Is The Best Method

When it comes to potholing, the use of hydro excavators is incredibly beneficial. Here are three reasons why hydro excavation for potholing is the best method.

Why Hydro Excavation For Potholing Is The Best Method

Risk Of Damage 

Unlike other methods of potholing that use large pieces of equipment to dig into the ground, the method of hydro excavation is much safer. This is possible because pressurized water is shot into the ground and then the vacuum sucks the mud that it creates out of the way. This exposes all of the pipes that need to be taken care of underneath the ground without touching them with anything but pressurized water. This is a lot less damaging than large pieces of machinery that can actually hit the pipes and bend or even break them.

Quick And Effective 

When you have a professional come to perform hydro excavation, you know that the process is going to be quick and effective. They will come in with their hydro excavators and easily remove the dirt from the areas that need to be inspected. Once the areas are inspected, and any needed repairs are made, the dirt will then be put back in the hole, completing the process. You don’t have to worry about heavy machinery being brought to your commercial location or the displacement of large amounts of dirt.

Great For Digging Projects As Well

While hydro excavation is excellent for creating holes for pipes and other inspection needs, it is also a great method for digging a deep hole. This is great for commercial or industrial locations that need poles or posts installed for signs, fences, telephones, and more. This can really speed up the installation process for these items, which is incredibly helpful if you are in a time crunch for a project.

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