What Makes Hydrovac Trucks so Popular

What Makes Hydrovac Trucks so Popular

Since its invention, the hydrovac truck has become a popular choice in digging and excavation. They help in preserving the environment. It is for this reason why many companies are opting for the hydrovac truck.

Hydrovac trucks have two main components used in the hydrovac excavation process. They include the suction hose and the high-pressure water hose. The trucks also have a high volume storage tank where the soil is transferred.

A hydrovac truck uses vacuum suction and pressurized water to liquefy the soil and then vacuum it to the storage truck. Here are some of the reasons why the hydrovac truck is in high demand.

What Makes Hydrovac Trucks so Popular


The hydrovac trucks are safe for both customers and excavators. They offer a flexible solution for removing material such as soil. Safety is an important aspect when you are working with buried utilities. One mistake could lead to great losses such as rupture of electrical lines, water pipes, telecommunication cables, and even gas lines.

When the cables rupture, they can cause damage to residents and local buildings. The use of hydrovac trucks eliminates the risk of such cases happening.


Hydrovac trucks are faster than traditional digging. They get the work done quickly and efficiently.


If you care about the environment, then you need to use hydrovac trucks in digging and excavation. The vacuum that is used in transferring debris to a tank makes it a lot easier to excavate the soil. Thus, it does not damage the environment.


A hydrovac truck is an effective solution for removing soil. The trucks require a limited workforce, leading to reduces expenses. You do not have to worry about line strikes anymore with these trucks.

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