Locating Utility Services Using Daylighting

Underneath every community is an extensive supply network of cables and pipes that carry communication utilities, electrical utilities, water, gas, and more. Each year, this costly and useful infrastructure increase in size and intricacy. One disturbance in these lines can disrupt the services of households and businesses; this disruption can result in dangerous situations that can cost a significant amount of money and time.

Locating Utility Services Using Daylighting

Locating Utility Lines

When new cables or lines need to be added, moved, or upgraded, one of the first steps many people will make is calling their local utility company. However, utility company records are not always accurate. When manual tools are used to locate the buried cables and/or lines, the lines and cables can be easily damaged, and this will slow down work and require additional work and future repairs that can be costly. Also, accidentally hitting a gas line or electrical line can have a fatal impact.

A Safer Way To Locate Utilities

Exposing existing utility facilities is often referred to as daylighting or potholing. In the past, the utility pipes and lines were exposed by hand digging, which is not a fun or quick process. A backhoe was used often, but this method is not always safe and can damage lines, wires, pipes, etc. Daylighting is a process in which pipes, lines, wires are exposed to daylight using a hydrovac. Hydro excavators use a blend of pressure, water, and air to break up the soil and get rid of the debris surrounding the pipe. The pressurized water and powerful vacuum will work together to excavate and remove the soil, making the daylighting process efficient, effective, and non-destructive.

Daylighting Uses

Daylighting can be used for a variety of situations that will require cleaning and excavation. Some common uses and applications of daylighting include:

  • The daylighting process quickly locates wires, pipes, and cable crossings beneath roads and other infrastructure
  • The daylighting process pinpoints the exact installation
  • The daylighting process is an effective and efficient method for digging holes
  • The process is utilized for tank cleanouts and hydro trenching in some industries, particularly the gas and oil industries
  • Debris removal
  • Shoring installations
  • Trenching potholes

Industrial hydro excavation companies will ensure a community’s utility services are never interrupted. Hydro excavation services can ensure your projects get more done with less effort. If a job requires excavation, it can be completed successfully with daylighting. Contact 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating today for more information on daylighting excavation services.

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