Hydro Excavation: An Efficient Alternative to Digging

Digging is one of construction’s most challenging, dangerous, and expensive aspects, but Hydro Excavation can eliminate or reduce all those concerns.

Hydro Excavation: An Efficient Alternative to Digging

Hydro Excavation is as simple as using high-pressure water jets to break up the earth and reduce it into a slurry. The slurry is then sucked up with an industrial vacuum, leaving nothing except a neatly cut hole.  The jet and the vacuum are mounted onto a truck with a boom, allowing for more effortless mobility and logistics than specialized digging equipment. A Hydro Excavation truck using its boom can be more flexible with its positioning around the site, minimizing the Jobsite’s footprint on local traffic.

The critical advantage of Hydro Excavation, however, is precision. Precision means speed: the job is done right the first time, and clean-up time is minimized. The spoil is removed as part of the excavation process, eliminating the lengthy process of disposal required with conventional digging. Holes are excavated to the correct depth without having to remeasure and fill in.   Precision also means safety; there’s less chance of accident or collateral damage. Utility lines can be safely excavated around. That means savings on the back end with lower insurance premiums. It means less chance of those crippling unforeseen delays that often plague construction projects.

Hydro Excavation opens up other possibilities. Projects can continue right through the winter months, even though the ground has hardened from the cold. Its targeted nature makes it more environmentally friendly. It’s easier on crews; digging is some of the most arduous work on a Jobsite, and Hydro Excavation allows skilled employees to work on what they do best instead of hacking away at the ground.

Efficiency is the difference between a successful venture and a delayed, expensive project. With Hydro Excavation, there’s no longer any excuse to let digging sidetrack a job. To learn more about how Hydro Excavation can benefit your project, contact us at 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating.