Line Locates & Utility Excavation

Line Locating is the craft of ascertaining the whereabouts of a sub-surface utility. It is commonly referred to as line locating on energy facilities. There are various methods of finding these pipes, conduits, and wires. Some of these methods are a bit more individual and eccentric; others are incredibly complicated and less user-friendly. No matter what method is chosen, a contractor faces an incredible burden when working on oil, nuclear, or other energy facilities. No work may commence until all of these utilities or lines are located. Line Locates & Utility Excavation

Once all utilities in the area are found, excavation can begin; and excavation on an energy facility must take place without a hitch. Just because the contractor locates the utility does not mean they will avoid striking it. Contractors strike located utilities frequently while excavating. Just as there are many methods of utility locating, there are many methods of excavation. From the shovel to the backhoe, contractors have been excavating job sites themselves for ages. It is true that anyone can operate a backhoe, but on an energy facility when utility strikes can cost contractors their money or even their life, wouldn’t it seem safer to let a specialist locate and excavate?

At 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, the job is not complete until all lines are located and unearthed. we will use our high-powered Vacuum Trucks to moisten the earth with water, and then remove the earth above the utility with high-powered suction. This method eliminates the chance of utility strikes. All of our operators are certified and trained above and beyond what is necessary for most job sites, so our team will not slow you down. For a quote or preliminary conversation about how we can meet your needs, contact us today.