Improved Efficiency With Vacuum Excavating

When you hire an excavation service, they will often haul in a backhoe or some other heavy machinery. Even worse, they may just do all the labor by hand. Using these outdated methods can be costly, time-consuming, and most of all hazardous to your home or work environment. Luckily, vacuum excavating offers the ideal alternative.

Improved Efficiency With Vacuum Excavating

How Old Methods Fall Behind

Heavy machinery, such as the backhoe, provided quite the boon to excavation when they were first introduced. It sped up the process considerably and no longer did we have to rely on intense manual labor in often dangerous environments. They were nevertheless far from perfect. They were still dangerous and still took considerable time to complete the task. They were risky to operate and due to their size, weight, and expense were limited in where they could reach. A backhoe, for instance, couldn’t be placed on a cliff or hillside for fear it would topple over. Even with competent supervision, there was always a fear of disaster. That’s not to mention how piling up massive amounts of dirt and debris was not only laborious but could just plain get in the way.

How Vacuum Excavating Succeeds

The recent implementation of vacuums represents the next step in excavation technology by improving upon the advancements heavy machinery has already made. The subtle genius of the vacuum allows the quick and efficient removal of dirt and debris from the worksite. As more ground is cleared, the more space there is to work with, making the entire process even more efficient!

Here’s how it works: using pressurized water to break up the dirt and detritus, everything is then sucked up immediately via high-powered vacuum. This process requires smaller machinery and a smaller crew to operate. In other words, fewer people can do the job quicker, safer, and more cost-efficiently. It sounds too good to be true, but 4 Warriors is the real deal.

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating’s highly experienced and devout team can assist you will all your excavation needs. We have more than six years of experience and offer site-specific training as well. Feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you and God bless!