Using Hydroexcavation for Potholing Projects

Using precise, high pressure water and an air vacuum, hydro excavation is a better way to complete a potholing/daylighting project. Once the water penetrates and digs through the soil, an air vacuums the dirt and then transfers it to a debris tank mounted on a truck. Depending on the project, the truck can either be located near or far from the excavation site. In the past, projects needing potholing, trenching, etc. were done with traditional methods of heavy machinery and hand shoveling.

Using Hydroexcavation for Potholing Projects

Traditional Methods

Potholing, also known as daylighting, is a process for digging a test hole so as to expose underground facilities. Once exposed, the facilities need to be inspected for leakage, cracks, or other damages. Potholing in the past was traditionally done using a backhoe or by hand shoveling. Heavy machinery not only brings a safety risk, but also can cause costly mistakes by puncturing or snapping utilities. Hand digging is very intensive and takes too much time and labor to effectively complete the job. Also, with hand shoveling, back-filling is usually needed after the excavation. This costs more money, time and labor.

Time Saving, Cost Effective and Safer

The hydro excavation process is a more accurate way to complete potholing/daylighting projects. With better accuracy, there is less chance for down time, injury, or restoration using this method. Injury becomes non existent when using this method of excavation because there is no risk of collapse or getting hit/ran over with heavy machinery. Time saving, cost effective, and environmentally friendly, hydro excavation is ultimately a better choice versus traditional methods. Companies specializing in hydro excavation should provide a team of experts that are well trained and practice proper safety practices regarding hydro excavation.

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