Hiring a Third-Party Excavation Service Can Save You Legal Fees

Every area of construction comes with a lot of regulation and liability. Whether you’re building on undeveloped land or making roadside repairs in the middle of a densely urban area, it’s important to protect your company from claims and legal action. One of the best ways to do that is by hiring third-party services for every part of the operation besides your core business function.

Hiring a Third-Party Excavation Service Can Save You Legal Fees

Hiring a service instead of renting trucks or equipment often puts the liability on the service.

Excavation is particularly full of risks. There is the risk of damaging utility lines and causing minor emergencies in the surrounding area. The trucks or pumps might damage the immediately adjacent area. Trucks, in particular, carry increased liability for roadways obstructions, traffic accidents, and weight limits. But third-party excavation experts know when, where, and how to operate their equipment to comply with local laws and limitations. Their business isn’t just to excavate lines and utilities. It’s to do so safely and with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Hiring a third party is not a complete guarantee since claimants and their insurance providers will make claims until something sticks or a party is found primarily responsible. But hiring professionals not only protects your company better in the event of a claim, it can minimize the risk of a claim in the first place.

Check the company’s insurance coverage and reputation.

The more you know about a company before contracting with them, the safer your own company is. Check with their online reputation, past customers, and their insurance policy before finalizing an agreement. Professionals know you need assurance for your own professional reputation, and any sign of hesitation could indicate that something is wrong.

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