What Does Our Hydrovac Truck Do?

What exactly does our hydrovac truck do? Hydro excavating is a simple process that provides much more precise, and potentially less destructive, excavating services than traditional methods such as backhoes or good old-fashioned back breaking shovel work.

What Does Our Hydrovac Truck Do?

A Hydrovac truck features two large tanks. The first is filled with water that is heated by a powerful heating unit. This hot water is pressure blasted into the earth. The water, heat, and pressure break up the earth. This water and dirt mixture is then sucked into the second tank with a large diameter hose attached to a powerful vacuum. The end result is a much more efficient method of excavation than anything you’ve used before. So, what exactly can 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating and our truck do for you your next project? Check out our services below:

Trenching – Do you need to bury cable, pipe, or any other material that requires a trench to be dug? Hydrovac trenching offers a precise dig exactly where you need it at. We can do a straight line or a curved path.

Daylighting / Potholing – Daylighting and potholing are methods of finding and exposing utilities so that your crew can safely work around them. Our truck, along with our highly skilled techs, can find, locate, and reveal utilities with none of the risk traditionally associated with digging around buried objects. Our service will increase your productivity and safety while lowering your costs.

If you would like to learn more about our hydro excavation can help your project, contact us today!