3 Important Things To Know About Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is an excellent method for excavating, and it has a lot of awesome pros. When it comes to figuring out exactly how hydro excavation works, it is important that you know the details before you choose to go with this method. Here is some important information on how hydro excavation works, how deep you can excavate, and why this method is superior.

3 Important Things To Know About Hydro Excavation

How Do You Hydro Excavate?

Hydro excavation is done using water and a specialized vacuum pump. The water softens the dirt and then the vacuum removes the soften dirt into a container that is inside a truck. This method not only effectively excavates, but it also does so quickly and effectively. You also don’t have to use large equipment, or clean up a big mess when you are done.

How Deep Can You Hydro Excavate?

One very important question that people have is how deep can you hydro excavate. While there is some variability depending on the type of ground that you are excavating into, the average depth is 70 feet. Most tasks that require you to excavate will not need you to go deeper than this, so you are able to do pretty much any job using this method.

Why Is Hydro Excavating Superior To Other Methods?

Hydro excavation is superior to other methods because it allows you to excavate without the fear of damaging the underground structures. It is also excellent because it allows you to excavate without displacing nearly as much dirt as other methods. This makes it quicker and easier to excavate because you don’t have to repair any damage, and returning the displaced dirt is quick and easy.

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