Get Better Precision with Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is similar to hydro-excavation, only in vacuum excavation debris is sucked up into a truck. Vacuum excavation is a time saver and helps to make projects much safer. It is common to see vacuum excavator trucks working on municipal projects all the way to horizontal directional drilling projects.

Get Better Precision with Vacuum Excavation


Vacuum excavation gives you the precision that other machines do not. Take a backhoe for example, with a backhoe, the amount of precision you have is limited. After the backhoe has finished the work it can do, you have to employ people to do the rest of the work by hand.

If you are working in an area with buried utilities, pipelines, or even artifacts you do not want the best precision possible at the lowest cost. Using a vacuum excavator can get in those delicate areas, suck up the dirt and debris, and have your project moving without the help of fifty men to dig around wires, pipes or other objects carefully.


Vacuum excavation is much safer than traditional excavation done with a backhoe. During a vacuum excavation, a large hose is guided by a specialized worker. There are no other workers needed in the vicinity, and the area is typically roped off.

The vacuum can be used for both wet and dry debris. That means the method will work for drilling sites as well as in inclement weather.


Vacuum excavation dates back two centuries; it started with hydroexcavating techniques. Technology has come quite a way since its inceptions and has moved from large mining and underground building projects to everyday heavy and light duty projects across the globe.

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