Line Locating with Hydro Excavation

Excavation is a risky job, so anything that helps keep people and property out of harm’s way is a blessing. Line locating is a technique that saves an enormous amount of risk but only when done properly. Fortunately, we here at 4 Warriors make line locating a cinch.

Line Locating with Hydro Excavation

An Intro to Line Locating

Line locating is the process of locating any lines that are underground. While this may sound simple, it has only become increasingly complicated and risky. As more and more construction is done and lines put in, it can be incredibly difficult to know just how many lines are currently below. Not everyone keeps proper track of what they installed in the past, so there is often not enough information given to anyone who has a job they need to be done. When a crew begins construction, they might accidentally strike one of the lines, unearth the wrong one, or dig in a completely empty spot. All that trial and error just to get started means time and labor wasted.

Hydro Power

When God created the earth, He gave us all we needed. That’s why we believe hydro excavation is the way to go. With hydro excavation, line locating becomes practically effortless. Here’s how it works:

  1. We map all the underground utility lines with GPS.
  2. Pressurized water jets shoot precision shots into the ground to confirm the location of the lines.
  3. Because the shots were so precise, only a minimal amount of excavation is required.
  4. Work can begin immediately without worry. All debris is sucked via vacuum into storage.
  5. Once the job is complete, the debris can quickly be placed back over the work area.

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