Using Hydrovac for the Safest Trenching

Does the construction crew you hired practice the safest trenching? If not, it can lead to delay or even disaster. Nearly every project requires trenching so getting it right is crucial. That’s why 4 Warriors uses the power hydro excavation to make the job not only more secure, but faster and more cost-efficient as well.

Using Hydrovac for the Safest TrenchingWhy Trenching is Important

Before even beginning excavation, construction crews need to know the details about where they’re operating. If they’re careless, they can damage utility lines or just create more work for themselves. They want to clear the way in the work area quickly and efficiently, and that means trenching. Trenching, simply put, is digging a trench in order to reach cables or whatever else is necessary. This simple-sounding job is actually described by OSHA as the most dangerous part of construction. If not properly dealt with, the weight of all the dirt and debris can lead to serious cave-ins. That’s why OSHA issues strict rules and heavy fines.

In Texas, our famous heat can lead to droughts and many projects require knowledge of the effects that climate has on soil. Texas is naturally beautiful but if your project needs to be a little greener, then proper irrigation is even more important. When you pick your construction crew, you need one that can rise to all these challenges. Enter 4 Warriors.

Hydro Excavation Does it Right

The hydrovac technology we implement is a game-changer. Far more effective than even a backhoe, hydro excavation makes trenching safer, faster, and can even fill the trenches back in afterwards. First, highly-pressurized (and sometimes heated) water jets breaks dirt and debris into a slurry. That slurry is then vacuumed into a storage tank, which can then be used to refill the workspace once the job is complete.

Without mounds of debris to worry about, workers can safely begin their tasks. And because these water jets are so precise, they only need to excavate what’s absolutely necessary, thus reducing the amount of work and debris to a minimum. Safer performance, less time needed to begin work, and the savings are passed on to you. What’s not to love?

4 Warriors is TWIC certified, OQ certified, adheres to OSHA, and is ready to make your next project a reality. For more information, contact us anytime.