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What’s Included In Hydro Excavation Services

Hydro excavation services are needed for many different contractor jobs. They help to safely locate pipes, electrical lines and other things that are buried in the ground. The methods were first discovered in Canada when hot water was used to help remove frozen soil. The methods and services became perfected and increasingly popular in the United States.

What's Included In Hydro Excavation Services

The processes involved are popular because they’re very affordable, quick and safe. They involve the use of pressurized water which softens and breaks up the ground surface. At the same time, a powerful vacuum is used to draw in the dirt and water combination into a tank, so it can be safely deposited elsewhere. As the ground dirt is removed, other things are revealed such as electrical lines, pipes, and cables.

There are specific processes and terms that are associated with hydro excavation. Exposing underground cables so the sunlight can shine on them is called “daylighting“. Ensuring that underground items can be easily seen helps to improve safety. It also enables others to work more quickly.

Potholing and trenching describe different ways that ground dirt is removed for specific purposes. For example, potholing is used to locate underground objects that are already known to exist so the contractor can have a better idea of the depth and sizes that are involved. Trenching exposes larger underground areas to discover what’s there, or to make it easier for certain jobs to be done.

Hydro excavation services are needed in a variety of industries such as home and business builders, pipeline companies, utility contractors and by engineering specialists.

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Hydro Excavation Contractors

Excavation has always been a messy business of digging dirt out of where we don’t want it. Typically we think of heavy equipment and piles of dirt, and anything that gets in the way is often damaged. Hydro excavation is not that way. There are no piles of loose dirt, no damage to utilities, and no possibility of blowing dust from this process, making the area cleaner and safer for everyone.Hydro Excavation Contractors

This process uses pressurized water to cut the soil away from the places we don’t want it, and a powerful vacuum to remove the slurry created by the digging process. It is a cleaner process all the way around, and the vacuum deposits the debris from the excavation into tanks for easy handling and disposal.

Hydro excavation is the safest method available for digging. A big reason for this is underground utilities. Even when you think you know where they are and which way they go, it seems heavy equipment has a knack for finding underground utilities. This is an expensive hazard as well as a dangerous one. It leads to loss of utility service in the area and can lead to personal injury or even death in extreme cases. Hydro excavation will uncover these lines without damaging them, which equates to a safer environment for everyone.

Another reason for using hydro excavation is it works in almost any soil condition. The water not only cuts the soil away but also acts as a lubricant in the digging process. This method can even excavate frozen ground because we can heat the water used in the process effectively melting the ice as we excavate the ground.

At 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, our expertly trained crew can handle any excavation job. Our operators have been in the industry for more than six years, and they have the advanced safety training required for work in refineries, substations, and even nuclear facilities. We have been involved in some of the largest projects in Texas. Please contact us for more information.

Hydro Excavation is a Preferred Choice for Locating Buried Electrical Lines

In order to prevent catastrophic injury and interruptions of service, electricity must be handled safely. Contractors have learned to set aside certain excavation methods in lieu of others. Hydro Excavation is a preferred excavation method around buried, electrical lines.Hydro Excavation is a Preferred Choice for Locating Buried Electrical Lines

It involves training pressurized water in designated areas. The force of the water safely dislodges any movable materials that may be burying the electric lines in question. As such, the wires are less apt to be compromised and consequently cause harm.

Safe working environments are not the only benefits gained from choosing hydro excavation. Many construction managers find the excavation method to be one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly around. It is a preferred choice for several reasons. For one, it eliminates water run-off and waste. Accordingly, supply costs tend to be lower than other excavation methods overall.

At 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, we’ve been excavating throughout Texas for years now and would love to share our hydro excavation experience with those in need. We’ve found that in addition to electrical location projects, it’s an excellent clearing method for other projects too.

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Hydro Excavating: Put it in the Ground the Safe Way

If you are potholing to locate utilities or beginning excavation for new construction the most environmentally friendly, safe way to do this is hydro excavating. Any large movement of soil in today’s highly industrialized environment can produce problems. The ability of hydro excavation methods to establish access for a necessary facility and waste management connections without major disruption of surrounding construction or cross contamination offers the safest, most economical, and efficient method for this phase of any construction.

Hydro Excavating: Put it in the Ground the Safe Way

Hydro excavating unlike other methods of soil removal, does not require the removal of large amounts of topsoil to either locate existing utilities or establish new access. According to Wikipedia,”Suction excavators eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming manual labor. Buried pipe systems do not suffer damage. The output is up to sixteen times of what’s typically achieved by conventional excavation.” The use of high pressure heated water in conjunction with an industrial vacuum allows for a more precise dig of either trenches or holes.

This also eliminates the need for removal of large amounts of soil and debris. This effectively cuts down on the amount of cross-contamination and the disturbance of groundwater making this method more environmentally responsible. It also creates a safer work environment for construction crews who must cross the area.

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What is Hydro Excavation and Why do You Need it?

Hydro excavation is considered a non-destructive way to unearthing soil or digging. Hydro excavation is not mechanical as it uses a high-standard vacuum and pressurized water. The water fragments the surrounding soil. The leftover water and soil are sucked up and brought to a tank designated specifically for debris. The continuous process both removes and unearths dirt at the same time. So what is Hydro Excavation and why do you need it?

What is Hydro Excavation and Why do You Need it?

Hydro excavation is a great and safe process for a few reasons:

  • Using hydro excavation instead of alternative methods keeps underground utilities safer. This is because hydro excavation effectively keeps the utilities beneath the excavation area untouched. Alternative excavation methods can cause damage to the underground utilities making for a more dangerous excavation. This safe excavation can allow for work to be done on utilities that are exposed.
  • Hydro excavation can be done in the immediate area needed for repair without harming the surrounding areas. Other alternative methods could potentially harm the areas surrounding the excavation.
  • Hydro excavation is safer for the environment compared to other alternative excavation methods.
  • Hydro excavation allows for remote digging to minimize damage to the actual excavation site. Other methods may not allow for this to be done.

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Trenching Safety

Trenching safetyTrenching Safety should be a priority for any construction company or contractor. According to OSHA, trenching is among the most dangerous of all construction endeavors. OSHA can and does fine companies and contractors for ignoring the safety protocols for trenching. Worse, these protocols are readily available and very straightforward. The main theme in trenching safety is avoiding serious injury and the loss of life through common sense safety. Cave-ins occur suddenly and without warning, and are devastating. The sheer weight of the soil, dependent on a number of factors, is enough to cause numerous fatalities. Cutting corners will not only result in serious injury or death but also hefty fines from OSHA as well as civil lawsuits. For contractors, OSHA fines can be severe enough to close your doors. Thus, it pays to follow the rules and ensure that excavation practices are safe.

Trenches of certain depths must have safety systems. The complexity of these systems depends entirely on a few different environmental factors. They include soil and rock stability, soil moisture levels, and forecasted weather changes of the area. These judgments need to be made by what OSHA terms a competent person, such as an engineer. A competent person will take the above factors into considerations when advising on safety systems. The inherent risk of trenching, including collapsing loads and falls (to add onto the environmental risks) means that inspections need to continue throughout the process. All workers should also be outfitted with fall protection gear. If a worker feels trench conditions are unsafe or that protocols have not been met, he or she should not enter the trench. When trenching, focus on safety and accident prevention. Be sure to prioritize OSHA regulations and utilize the knowledge of competent persons to set up a safe, secure work environment. To learn more about safe trenching, contact us today.

Cost-effective Excavation Options

There are many organizations and companies involved in building a community — a whole myriad of contractors. Among those are Excavators. Before the new wing of a library can be constructed, electrical lines and utilities need to be exposed so that they can be rerouted. Before those new classrooms can be built, old lines and gnarled tree roots need to be found and removed, and trenches cleared to put new lines in.

Cost-effective Excavation Options

There are a few ways to go about trenching and excavating an area. Some of the basic methods are manual digging or using a backhoe, which can seem like easy ways to get the job done if you aren’t calculating the risks and labor involved. Using a backhoe is powerful, but that machine is bulky and clumsy, and can end up causing more damage and therefore incur more costs. That giant claw does not have the precision required to clear dirt around pipes and wiring, and can even destroy them. Manually digging around everything might solve this problem, but this method is very labor-intensive and time-consuming. Everyone involved in business knows: time is money.

This is where hydro excavation comes in to save the day. Trenching via hydro excavation is an efficient, cost-effective service offered by 4 Warriors Hydro Excavation. Not only can they get your project moving quickly and efficiently, they are a company that truly values the customers and community that they serve. They can guarantee safety and reliability at competitive, thoughtful pricing. Contact us today for an estimate and see how hydro excavating can make help with your next project.

Reliable And Safe Hydro Excavation Services

Being a family based business, and founded on the roots of Christianity, 4 Warriors Hydro Excavation is impacting the industry through the blessings of the best operators, technicians, and top of the line equipment, and we humbly accept being the most reliable, safest, and cost efficient hydro excavation service that the industry has to offer.

Reliable And Safe Hydro Excavation Services

With extensive experience in hydro excavation, 4 Warriors strives to exceed our client’s expectations each and every day. We know how important time is, and we value yours, in the most cost-efficient way possible. Continuous diligence in our training shows the desire for advancement in safety precautions, solely for the level of care we have for you and your business.

4 Warriors value the need to provide proficient, reliable, and dedicated services. Our team never rejects learning opportunities, and we seek specific industrial training, and extensive site-specific certifications such as:

  • TWIC Certifications
  • OQ Certifications
  • Drug Testing
  • JSA Procedures

At 4 Warriors we strive to build a bridge of excellence from our business to yours, not only to impact the industry, but also the lives of those we meet along the way. Our heartfelt tried and true concern for the people we meet is the effervescent light behind who we are.

Excavation Services are often required of many businesses, for many typical, and non-typical reasons. Whether it’s for Day Lighting, Pot-holing, or Trenching, 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating is fully equipped, fully trained, and fully dedicated to the bettering your business and its productivity. Please contact us, and allow 4 Warriors to battle all your reliable and safe Hydro Excavation needs!

Locating Utility Lines With Hydro Excavation

Digging to find underground utilities can be tricky, so it’s important to know exactly what you are doing. The whole process of potholing involves finding these underground utilities safely to determine their location. By using the wrong method, it could be disastrous for the workers, utilities, and the surrounding facilities.

Using a method that is safe, but still efficient is the preferred method in this fragile environment. Causing the electrical system to go out at a hospital can be devastating, but could happen if certain procedures are not followed.

Locating Utility Lines With Hydro Excavation

What is Potholing?

Potholing is used to excavate 12″ holes for the location of underground utilities which verifies the location, type, and depth. The methods for performing this important procedure include; digging by hand, the use of a backhoe and vacuum excavating.

Methods for Potholing 

Digging by hand requires manpower and is safe, but the time required to perform this method can be time-consuming. Hand tools used in this process are a minimal risk for damage to the utility.

The backhoe was the most popular method but can cause damage to the utility. This is a risky method that should be avoided.

Vacuum excavation is now the most popular method for minimizing damage to these underground utilities. The use of high-pressure air breaks up the dirt and rock, which is then vacuumed into a container on a work truck. This container holds the dirt until it is ready for backfilling.

Hydro Excavation is superior for finding the location of underground utilities. This procedure uses water to break up the soil instead of air pressure. This makes it the best method for Potholing for many reasons.

  • This procedure minimizes damage
  • Saves time and money over other methods
  • Is more accurate
  • Less dangerous to employees.
  • Breaks down most types of soil
  • Environmental friendly

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating has extensive training for all types of industries, contact us.

What Is A Vacuum Excavator And Why Is It The Best Method?

The excavation business is one that has undergone many changes over the years. With new advances and changes in the sophistication of machinery, there are now machines created to do double the work in half the time.

What is a vacuum excavator and why is it the best method?

A vacuum excavator is a piece of specially designed machinery that works to remove dirt and debris to clear an area. It also serves remarkably well at finding utilities whose exact location is unknown. This method of excavation is one that has proven to be much more cost efficient because there is less room for error. With its powerful suction pulling up loose content paired with “teeth” that are in place to cut through earth and make smaller intake, this design maximizes productivity while minimizing the risk for damage to property or injury of operator.

There are numerous business types already taking advantage of the unique ability of the vacuum excavator. Pipeline companies to utility outfits are currently enjoying the benefits of this incredible, cutting edge machinery.

Since induction in the late 1990’s, the vacuum, or suction, excavator has undergone design changes pertaining to filter types, gravity separation, and air flow requirements that have created a mega-machine capable of the most difficult excavation projects.

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