Hydro Vacuum Excavation: A Better Alternative

An innovative and improved method of excavation used for large projects today is the use of a hydro-vacuum excavator to get underground. What is hydro vacuum excavation?Hydro Vacuum Excavation: A Better Alternative

Hydro Vacuum Excavation is the process that safely uncovers ground utilities via water. High pressured water helps break up rocks and dirt, while a large and very powerful vacuum removes the debris. Once this debris is removed, utilities are accessible. Vacuum Excavating is also referred to as soft rock excavation technology.

The speed in which a hydro-vacuum can dig a deep hole renders hand-digging inefficient. This method of excavation is much cleaner and precise. Virtually any material can be removed through hydro vacuuming: rock, mud, sand, and water.

What projects can benefit from this service?

Projects that require an increased attention to detail, less mess, or are located in more environmentally sensitive areas can all benefit from utilizing hydro vacuum excavation. Examples of these include:

  • Utility companies and pipelines as they repair and install
  • Sump and catch basin cleaning
  • Excavation areas with high traffic
  • Construction site clean-up
  • Pipe and sewer installation and repair
  • Underground utility locating

Using this service through 4 Warriors ensures that the client saves money and time during their project, both through the nature of the procedure and the reduction of discovering surprise underground utilities.

4 Warriors commit to exceeding the highest expectations of our clients, with a full and complete respect of timelines, budget, and safety concerns. We have advanced safety training and are qualified for projects that service refineries, substations, and nuclear facilities.

For more information about 4 Warriors and hydro excavation needs, please contact us today. We look forward to serving you!

Line Locates & Utility Excavation

Line Locating is the craft of ascertaining the whereabouts of a sub-surface utility. It is commonly referred to as line locating on energy facilities. There are various methods of finding these pipes, conduits, and wires. Some of these methods are a bit more individual and eccentric; others are incredibly complicated and less user-friendly. No matter what method is chosen, a contractor faces an incredible burden when working on oil, nuclear, or other energy facilities. No work may commence until all of these utilities or lines are located. Line Locates & Utility Excavation

Once all utilities in the area are found, excavation can begin; and excavation on an energy facility must take place without a hitch. Just because the contractor locates the utility does not mean they will avoid striking it. Contractors strike located utilities frequently while excavating. Just as there are many methods of utility locating, there are many methods of excavation. From the shovel to the backhoe, contractors have been excavating job sites themselves for ages. It is true that anyone can operate a backhoe, but on an energy facility when utility strikes can cost contractors their money or even their life, wouldn’t it seem safer to let a specialist locate and excavate?

At 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, the job is not complete until all lines are located and unearthed. we will use our high-powered Vacuum Trucks to moisten the earth with water, and then remove the earth above the utility with high-powered suction. This method eliminates the chance of utility strikes. All of our operators are certified and trained above and beyond what is necessary for most job sites, so our team will not slow you down. For a quote or preliminary conversation about how we can meet your needs, contact us today.

Hydrovac as an Alternative to Traditional Excavation

Excavation is a common need in the construction business but it can be overly expensive and even risky when it comes to digging up utility lines and buried pipelines. It can also lead to anxiety and worry and make construction projects seem overly stressful and daunting. As a business owner, you may be aware of this and wonder if there is a better alternative. Well, you are in luck. Let’s take a look at hydrovac as an alternative to traditional excavation. We hope you find this incredibly helpful and informative. Hydrovac as an Alternative to Traditional Excavation

What Makes Hydrovac Such a Good Alternative? 

As we alluded to earlier, the traditional approach to excavating can have very damaging results. This can have further negative side effects as it leads to increased liability and ultimately to greater cost to you. However, hydrovac is a method that uses high-pressure water in order to break up and loosen the soil. This soil is then suctioned into a large hose. This entire process is performed safely without any damage to underlying utilities.

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating

If you are looking to perform an excavation project in the near future, we would love to help you. 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating can help you save money with our safe alternative to traditional excavating. If you would like to know more about our approach to excavation, or if you would like to begin a project, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you stay safe and save money in the process.

Benefits of Hydrovac Over Traditional Excavation

What are the benefits of using hydrovac over traditional forms of excavation? Is there a more cost-effective option? Which type of excavation is better? Is there a benefit of using hydrovac over the tried and true method? We hope to lay some of these questions to rest for you with a side-by-side comparison of the two.

Benefits of Hydrovac Over Traditional Excavation

Traditional Excavation

The usual method of excavating has been around for a long time. It has proven effective and many excavating services employ this method well. However, traditional excavating presents some considerable problems and dangers as it tends to be a more destructive means of excavating. With traditional excavating, you run the risk of damaging underground utilities. It is also less cost-effective due to the increased liability of this method. Fortunately, there is a better way of doing things….

Hydrovac Excavating

Hydrovac is an overall more cost-effective and safer approach to excavating. With hydrovac, high-pressure water loosens soil, gravel, etc and that loose debris is then safely sucked up, leaving utility lines undamaged. Not only is hydrovac more cost-effective due to the decreased liability, it is also a cheaper option as a whole. The numbers don’t lie. It just makes sense.

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating would love to help you with your excavating needs. If you are looking for affordable, safe and efficient excavating we are the right choice for your project. Our Hydrovac method of excavating will ensure that there is no damage done to important utility lines and will save you money. If you have any further questions about this method, contact us.

Save Time With a Hydrovac Excavation Truck

What is a hydrovac truck?

A hydrovac truck is a truck mounted unit and tank designed to dig whatever needs to be excavated with high pressure water. After the water is blasted into the digging area, an attached a pump unit sucks up all of the slurry (dirt and water mix) and sends it to a large tank mounted on the truck to be disposed of. Hydrovac technology is extremely safe for utility lines and digging around sensitive areas, it does not create the kind of damage typical excavation machinery does. It is also clean and does not leave a pile of dirt and mud next to the excavation site.

Save Time With a Hydrovac Excavation Truck

A fast and clean process.

Hydro excavation is a great alternative to typical excavating methods, especially when the area to be dug has lots of sensitive pipes and lines underneath. The hydrovac truck is able to get in close to areas without damaging everything in the vicinity. This is particularly helpful when digging up utility lines and older plumbing networks. It is also good for trenching and excavation on a larger scale. The speed and efficiency of hydro-excavation make it an excellent choice for contractors in a hurry. Because it is such a fast process, thousands of dollars can be saved on excavation costs.

Some uses of hydro-excavation.

  1. Removing debris. Because of the precision nature of hydro-excavation, it is great for removing debris and cleaning up around structures without damaging anything. The water and pump lines can be extended to any area on a property guaranteeing that a heavy truck doesn’t have to be driven right to the area.
  2. Slot trenching. Digging trenches for installing cables and pipes is called slot trenching Typical excavation machinery causes an enormous amount of damage and mess when performing this task. They also dig the trenches far larger than they should be. Hydro excavation is extremely clean, non-damaging and fast, cutting trenching time down by a minimum of thirty percent. When attached to a vacuum unit, it leaves no mess or waste behind.
  3. Daylighting. Daylighting is when utilities are dug up and exposed to the daylight. Essential to the repair process, standard excavation equipment does more damage to utilities than hydro excavation. Many times the repair the standard excavator did is far worse than the original problem was. Hydro excavation is safe and clean, and will not damage the underground utilities. Ideal for utility repair on any property

Choose the right hydro excavation company.

4 Warriors Hydro Excavation prides themselves on taking care of their customers as well as we take care of ourselves. We adhere to a strict ethical code of leaving all customers satisfied with the work we have done. Constant training and certification programs for our employees is a part of that process. We have multiple hydrovac trucks and can handle any job size. In business for over six years, we encourage you to contact us for your next excavation job.

Hydro Excavating Saves Trees

Trees have many positive impacts on both the environment and on landscape aesthetics. They absorb the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide as well as harmful gasses such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. They provide shade in the summer and cool the surrounding air through evaporation. Their presence has a stress relieving effect on most people and they enhance the beauty of both residential and private property.

Trees also enhance property real estate values. They make rental property more attractive to tenants. This is why you shouldn’t take lightly any ground excavation work done around the trees on your property. Damaging the roots is harmful and potentially fatal to trees because they use them for water and nutrient absorption and for structural stability.

Hydro excavatingHydro Excavating Saves Trees is used for safely digging in the vicinity of underground plumbing, electrical lines, and optical cables. It uses water under pressure to loosen soil which is immediately sucked out along with the water with a vacuum pipe. Likewise, hydro excavating is safer for tree root systems when digging holes and trenches near trees.

There is no reason to take out a tree, relocate it, or risk damage to its roots with mechanical digging methods. If you have large beautiful trees on your property, consider that they take between 10 to 30 years to reach their full size. This is a long time to wait because of root damage caused by excavation work. Even if a tree survives root damage, its ability to absorb water and nutrients from the ground is weakened. This in turn stunts the tree’s growth and makes it more vulnerable to disease.

When you need to have excavation work done, protect the environment, your property value, and enjoyment of your property by hiring hydro excavation professionals for the job. 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating has the expertise for the job without damaging the landscape of your commercial or residential property. For more information, contact us.

Hydro Excavating Embraces National Safe Digging Month

Hydro Excavating Embraces National Safe Digging MonthApril 2016 marks the return of a very important, national observation. It’s Safe Digging Month and all of us here at 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating wanted to take a moment and discuss digging safety. Originally designed to highlight dangers in the pipeline industry, it has since morphed to include digging in other industries. Plus, it serves as a good reminder to residential property owners too.

Hydro excavating is one of the safest ways to dig that our family knows of and we’d heartily recommend it to everyone that needs to reach below the earth’s surface. What makes it safer than just grabbing a shovel or renting a backhoe? For one, it avoids the need for large, search holes. And as we all know, holes pose fall risks as well as help to make the ground temporarily unstable. Also, they may inadvertently trap wildlife and capture standing water. Standing water, of course, creates dangers of its own.

Dangerous holes are just the beginning. Hydro excavating keeps people and machines from cutting into dangerous materials. For example, it can safely identify pipes used to transport raw sewage, natural gas, petroleum and chemical plant waste from place to place. Plus, it can just as easily locate minor things like residential irrigation pipes, termite treatment lines and underground cables. What else can hydro excavating do to ensure digging safety?

Once underground obstacles have been identified, they may be mapped for future reference. So after catastrophic events like earthquakes and sink holes, the maps may help area managers protect residents and plan rebuilds. They can also make relocating or adding various resources to storm damaged areas easier too. For instance, after flooding managers may need to dig a diversion channel to prevent further drowning deaths.

To learn more about safe digging and how hydro excavation is key to its continued execution, please contact us today.

2016 First Quarter Projects on the Agenda? Schedule Excavation Services Now

2016 First Quarter Projects on the Agenda? Schedule Excavation Services NowIt’s the start of a new fiscal year and that means it won’t be long before the heavy equipment starts rolling. Of course with all the earth moving activity come concerns about public safety. No one wants to be the company or municipality worker responsible for accidentally cutting into a utility line. This is particularly true due to the nature of the season.

After all, leaving people without heat and lights in the dead of winter is more than just an inconvenience. It has the potential to be downright deadly. That’s simply one reason excavation services are vital to the success of any first quarter project. In addition, it may keep overall costs low, eliminate on-the-job accidents and thereby reduce workmen’s compensation claims.

Which excavation services are needed for first quarter project completion? Obviously, they’ll vary by job so it’s best to hire a well-rounded company from the get go. At 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, we know a little something about being well-rounded and as such, may be able to provide project managers with much-needed assistance.

To begin with, our suite of excavation services includes general trenching, potholing and daylighting. We are also equipped to handle industry specific needs. For example, let’s say the goal is to convert a section of long, unused land in to manmade wetlands, nature trails and play areas for a community’s residents. The land in question is currently overgrown and old, city blueprints indicate that at one time, underground utility lines may have run through the area.

We have experience working with environmental firms, municipalities, Federal and State agencies. Accordingly, we have no problem adhering to eco-friendly regulations, building codes, shoestring budgets and construction deadlines. And our excavation services are tailor-made for uncovering hidden lines. To learn more and request assistance for projects in early 2016, please contact us now.

Hydro Excavation For Safer, More Efficient Digging

Hydro Excavation For Safer, More Efficient DiggingSubsurface utilities and underground facilities are frequently needed for building construction. Excavation is often needed in order to lay these utilities. This can be a  difficult  job that has many risks, both to the property and for the laborers involved. Hydro or water excavation has substantially lessened these risks.

The process combines air vacuum with high pressure water disbursement to cut through materials and break them up.  Once they are converted into smaller pieces, the vacuum removes the slurry from the excavation site and the debris is transferred to a dedicated tank.

In any excavation process, the safety of the people involved in the process should come first.  Hydro Excavation is currently one of the best methods of digging due to its efficiency and its ability to achieve accurate results.  The main benefit of using this excavation method, however,  is the increase in damage and safety control in comparison with the old fashioned mechanical methods of digging.  Because of its increase in accuracy, accidents and injuries for laborers and others are limited, and the overall digging job is vastly improved.

In addition to protecting the people who are involved in the excavation process, hydro excavation helps minimize damage to cables, lines and to underground pipes.  This can vastly lower expenses needed for restoration and repairs and can increase production substantially.  This can lead to long term benefits.  As safety issues and repairs decrease, insurance and liability costs also go down.

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating is a family-owned, Christian business.  For more information, please contact us today.

Discover The Benefits Of Potholing Utilities With Hydro Excavation

Discover The Benefits Of Potholing Utilities With Hydro ExcavationUsing a backhoe to dig for subsurface utilities is dangerous, time-consuming and unreliable. The optimal choice for digging underground to locate a buried utility is by using a high-powered vacuum excavating machine. Read the information below to learn about the benefits of using hydro excavation for potholing utilities.

Minimizes Dangerous Working Conditions

When using a backhoe for digging, workers can become injured if the machinery damages underground utilities. When using heavy machinery around populated areas, bystanders can also sustain injuries if they get too close to the work area. Hydro excavation is safe for employees who run the machines and for others who are nearby.

Prevents Damage To Utilities

If digging equipment cuts or damages underground utilities, they will require replacement or repair. This is labor-intensive, costly and it slows down job progression. When using a vacuum excavation method, utilities remain undamaged and the job can continue as scheduled. A hydro excavation machine penetrates all types of ground and soil conditions including red clay, frozen ground and rocky soil.

Used In Diverse Applications

Hydro excavation is often used to locate various utilities including gas pipes, water lines and fiber optic cables. Hydro excavation is repeatedly used by various companies and industries including oil refineries, engineering services, barge operations and pipeline companies.

When you need an experienced company for hydro excavation services including potholing and trenching, 4 Warriors Excavating can get the job done right and in a timely manner. Contact us with any questions or to request an estimate for our services.