Hydro Excavating Process 101

The Common Ground Alliance distributes data on the causes and types of underground damage every year. In North America, 316,422 damage reports were filed in 2017. Backhoes and trenchers caused the most damage underground, accounting for the majority of reported damages. The hydro excavating process entails using highly pressurized water jets to loosen the surface material first and then forceful suction to remove the loosened mud slurry material. This procedure is popular since it reduces the amount of damage that occurs on-site.

Hydro Excavating Process 101

It is rated as the most environmentally friendly method because it utilizes two non-mechanical sources required in Vacuum hydro excavation. The first is the use of high-pressure water or air to loosen the surface material, and the second is the use of suction and airflow to remove the loose soil material and store it in a debris tank for proper disposal from the site or later use as backfill to fill the excavation site.

The following are some of the critical processes that must be completed before hydro evacuation

  • Identifying a project’s risks and hazards so that the construction team can reduce the likelihood of incidents that could result in or cause work-related injuries or fatalities.
  • The crew then chooses one of the two main types of vacuums: a positive displacement blower or fan system. Fan systems are appropriate for most applications since they are lighter, less expensive, easier to run and dig quickly. Positive displacement blowers are slower than rotating blowers but work at higher depths, making them ideal for heavy-duty excavation tasks.
  • Regulate the water pressure to the required levels that are not harmful. Pipeline coating can be damaged by greater than normal pressure levels, so the construction engineers must guarantee that the correct water pressure levels of roughly 2000 psi are maintained.
  • Do not stand near a hole as it grows larger and deeper as you excavate. At this point, cave-ins are probable, so protect yourself and those who are nearby.

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Hydro-Vac 101: Understanding Hydro Excavation and Its Benefits

Hydro excavation has been in use since the mid-1800s when California miners would use steam pump pressurized water to mine minerals. A high-pressure water jet is used in the hydro excavation process to break up and remove material from below ground. Hydro Excavation is used for various purposes, including construction projects, environmental remediation, and archaeological excavations. In recent years, its popularity has grown due to its speed and safety compared to traditional blasting or heavy equipment use.

Hydro-Vac 101: Understanding Hydro Excavation and Its Benefits

How Hydro Excavation Works

The hydro excavation work involves just three easy steps:

  1. The first step is to blast water or air into the ground to loosen the material and soften the ground
  2. Next, a hydro-excavator scoops up any loosened materials (slurry) and deposits them in prepared pans away from the hydro-excavation site. The step opens up a deeper layer of soil or any existing subsurface facility networks.
  3. Finally, when the work is complete, the open ground or the exposed underground network is covered with the slurry from the pans.

The Main Benefits of Hydrovac

Speed. Hydro excavation is much faster, taking only minutes to remove material from below the surface compared with hours or days for traditional methods like heavy equipment use and blasting.

Safety. The hydro excavator operator operates a machine that can be maneuvered into tight spaces and has minimal impact on surrounding structures because it doesn’t need anchoring or drilling into the ground. In addition, there are fewer risks because it does not use explosives or heavy equipment, which can cause dangerous situations with ground movement or vibration.

Efficiency. In addition to using less time and space, the hydro excavation also minimizes the disturbance of soils in a given area resulting from construction work – this is particularly important for archaeological excavations.

Environmentally friendly. Hydro Excavation is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t use any heavy machinery or fuel-dependent vehicles on site (so it doesn’t create any emissions). The process also has minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, which is especially important for commercial projects.”

Applications of Hydro-excavation;

Hydro excavation is preferred for its versatility for various uses, including

  • Pipe and sewer rehabilitation
  • Construction
  • Environmental remediation, and
  • Archaeological excavations.
  • Trenching
  • Potholing
  • tree stump removal.

Why 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating

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Hydro Excavating Safety Guidelines

In comparison to all other trenching methods, hydro excavation is considered to be one of the safest, least destructive, and most environmentally friendly excavation procedures. It is seen as environmental-friendly, because it does not damage existing systems such as underground pipes, electric lines, plumbing materials or optical fibers. However, there are some inherent health and safety risks in this process. In order to ensure maximum human safety, the site is secured first, then all employees and anyone in proximity or trying to enter the site has to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and observe other sets of safety precautionary measures. Among these safety procedures are the following:

Hydro Excavating Safety Guidelines


Before beginning the excavation process, the first safety precaution is to gather all the necessary information about the site. This assists the experts in determining how to navigate the area during operations.


  • Depending on the location of the site, signs warning construction workers and the general public about the various hazardous materials that may be present on or near the site must be erected.
  • To avoid electrical contact injuries, no one should be allowed to touch the truck while excavation is taking place.
  • Indicating danger or erecting danger signs while excavation is underway, as well as ensuring that security personnel are stationed at the site’s entrance to limit unauthorized access.


All the staff using hydrovac equipment must be familiar with safety protocols and must be supervised by a qualified employee or an on-site contractor. Lack of adequate skills or expertise by a worker can be a source of threat to human safety on-site. At 4 Warriors, with over 6 years of experience, we harbor the best professionals in the industry of excavation. Due to our quality of work, we’ve worked on some of Texas’ most significant projects.

4 Warriors Hydro excavations focuses on comprehensive employee training on various equipment management procedures. We also teach the workers about emergency shutoff mechanisms and water pressure settings so that they can work more efficiently and with fewer errors. Our full-time HSE director oversees our rigorous site-specific training, TWIC certifications, OQ certifications, drug testing, and JSA procedures to guarantee that our employees maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times. We are the best at what we do, so get in touch  with us right now.

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Trenching Needs

If you need circuitous or straight-line ditches dug, it is important that you hire a professional for the job. Creating these trenches is no easy task, and you want to make sure that they are dug correctly and meet your specific needs. Here are three excellent reasons to hire a professional for your trenching needs.

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Trenching Needs

The Operators Are Highly Trained 

One excellent reason to hire a professional for your trenching needs is because they are highly trained. The professionals who work on your trench have been thoroughly trained and have a great deal of experience. They also have all the correct certifications and know the correct procedures for ensuring that your trenching is done in the safest way possible.

They Will Not Damage Any Underground Utilities

One worry that people have when they need trenching work done is that damage will occur to their underground utilities during the process. The careful planning and execution of the trenching ensures that all underground utilities are left untouched and are carefully worked around during the trenching process.

They Choose The Most Cost-Effective Solution

Lastly, a professional wants to get the job done right for you, but they also want to make sure that they do it in the most cost-effective way possible. They will make sure they know exactly what you want done before they begin the project and will create a blueprint for what they are going to do before they ever begin. This helps to reduce any mistakes and get the job done quickly, correctly, and cost-effectively.

To learn more reasons to hire a professional for your trenching needs, or to hire a professional today, visit us at 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating. 

Why you Need Advanced Industrial Vacuum Services

There is nothing as destructive to a company that wants to do a checkup on their underground utilities, as to incur extra costs because of damages. And that is why the hydro excavation process and vacuum process are essential. With the growth in technology, the excavation process and uncovering of underground utilities have been made non-destructive, easy, and smooth by using pressurized water and pressure trucks. In an industrial setting, there are some of the reasons why this technology is the best.

Why you Need Advanced Industrial Vacuum Services

1.    It is a safe method.

More companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by opting to use an eco-friendly method. Unlike traditional digging, this kind of technology ensures that no underground fixtures get damaged during the excavation process. Companies like 4 Warriors Hydro Excavation company, use water and vacuum for excavation, which means that even the roots of the trees around them are safe.

2.    It Saves Time and Money.

Hydro excavation is a cost-effective method of digging because of the amount of time and labor required. Since it involves water and pressure in excavation, digging is fast because there is no transportation of debris into dumpsites. The vacuuming process of hydro excavation uses suction that stores displaced dirt on the debris tank of the truck.

3.    No Service Interruption

Whenever underground fixtures are damaged, it becomes a nightmare for a company due to losses caused by the distractions of using traditional excavation. Traditional excavation is not only a time-consuming activity, but also an expensive one. With pressurized water and vacuum trucks, there is no interruption to the daily activity, and you can save a ton of money.

In conclusion, service delivery is good. But getting a company that blends human resources and advanced technology in service delivery is best. Many companies have trusted 4 warriors because of their commitment and experience in the vacuum industry. Contact us for more information!

Locating Utility Services Using Daylighting

Underneath every community is an extensive supply network of cables and pipes that carry communication utilities, electrical utilities, water, gas, and more. Each year, this costly and useful infrastructure increase in size and intricacy. One disturbance in these lines can disrupt the services of households and businesses; this disruption can result in dangerous situations that can cost a significant amount of money and time.

Locating Utility Services Using Daylighting

Locating Utility Lines

When new cables or lines need to be added, moved, or upgraded, one of the first steps many people will make is calling their local utility company. However, utility company records are not always accurate. When manual tools are used to locate the buried cables and/or lines, the lines and cables can be easily damaged, and this will slow down work and require additional work and future repairs that can be costly. Also, accidentally hitting a gas line or electrical line can have a fatal impact.

A Safer Way To Locate Utilities

Exposing existing utility facilities is often referred to as daylighting or potholing. In the past, the utility pipes and lines were exposed by hand digging, which is not a fun or quick process. A backhoe was used often, but this method is not always safe and can damage lines, wires, pipes, etc. Daylighting is a process in which pipes, lines, wires are exposed to daylight using a hydrovac. Hydro excavators use a blend of pressure, water, and air to break up the soil and get rid of the debris surrounding the pipe. The pressurized water and powerful vacuum will work together to excavate and remove the soil, making the daylighting process efficient, effective, and non-destructive.

Daylighting Uses

Daylighting can be used for a variety of situations that will require cleaning and excavation. Some common uses and applications of daylighting include:

  • The daylighting process quickly locates wires, pipes, and cable crossings beneath roads and other infrastructure
  • The daylighting process pinpoints the exact installation
  • The daylighting process is an effective and efficient method for digging holes
  • The process is utilized for tank cleanouts and hydro trenching in some industries, particularly the gas and oil industries
  • Debris removal
  • Shoring installations
  • Trenching potholes

Industrial hydro excavation companies will ensure a community’s utility services are never interrupted. Hydro excavation services can ensure your projects get more done with less effort. If a job requires excavation, it can be completed successfully with daylighting. Contact 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating today for more information on daylighting excavation services.

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Hydro Excavation Minimizes Risk When Potholing

Potholing is an excavating term meaning to dig a hole that confirms the presence of underground utilities or other materials in order to safely conduct a construction project or examine pipes and conduit. It is sometimes called daylighting because it exposes underground infrastructures to the daylight, so they are viewable to professionals in the relevant field. While some people use a backhoe or other heavy machinery, hydro excavation minimizes risk when potholing.

Hydro Excavation Minimizes Risk When Potholing

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation replaces shovels and air vacuums with a water vacuum to remove material from the ground. High-pressure water cuts through the dirt but not the man made conduit or pipe, and the dirt and water are sucked up with a vacuum. This mixture can be a relatively clean process, and the mixture is generally transported to a debris tank.

How Does Hydro Excavation Minimize Risk When Potholing?

Most people have heard the “Call Before You Dig” slogan promoting homeowners to call and have underground utility lines labeled prior to any digging. This instruction is to minimize the risk that the homeowner will hit a utility line, which will need repair and could be dangerous. The goal of potholing is to locate and examine utilities, so going at it while a shovel is counterintuitive. Air and water vacuums remove soil safely while leaving utilities intact. Hydro excavation tends to make quick work of it.

Keep It Simple with Hydro Excavation for Potholing

When you are doing something as simple as a locate or a visual examination of underground structures, the last thing you want to do is complicate the issue by damaging your utilities. A simple job can turn into an expensive headache. Shovels and other heavy machinery can technically do the job, but it is always at the risk of damaging underground lines. If you choose hydro excavation, your simple project will remain simple, and you won’t have any unexpected damages from a shovel.

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Hydro Excavation: A Safer Process

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating is committed to exceeding our client’s highest expectations, fully understanding timelines, safety, and of course your price budget. If you are looking for a safer process, effective and precise solution for moving dirt, hydro excavation is your answer. Less destructive than traditional excavation methods, soil can be moved without costly damage to root systems, utilities and other underground infrastructure.

Hydro Excavation: A Safer Process

Hydro Digging Produces Unmatched Results

Hydro excavation is a safe and environmentally friendly method. It gets work done within a short period and concisely. Our company uses high-pressure water jets to dig a specific area.  The water contains no chemicals or toxins, thus cause no harm to surrounding water sources.

The water jet precisely cuts through the soil and loosens it.  A vacuum pump works jointly with the water jet to suck up the debris, dirt, or extra water and transfers it to the debris tank.

Equipment that performs the excavation process is situated away from the excavation area. This process of positioning adequately decongest the excavation site.

Why Hydro Excavation is the Future?

More Precise

Hydro excavation accurately moves the soil.  4 Warriors Hydro Excavating uses intelligent GPS mapping technology to identify what needs to be dug meticulously. Any underground pipes and utilities are circumvented thus will not be damaged. Consequently, it does the digging process so precisely without disturbing the surrounding soil.

Efficient and Faster

The hydrovac equipment is instinctively designed to break up the soil and vacuum all debris simultaneously. Since the process is efficient, it avoids repairs to pipes or other underground utilities. When employed in landscaping, it minimizes the need for backfilling.

For companies, local government, or pipelines interested in locating underground utilities, hydro digging minimizes added costs for labor or restoration jobs. Typically, this method is an innovative modern option that replaces traditional and ineffective manual digging, explosives, and machinery.

Rethink your Excavation Process

If you are considering installing underground lines or utilities, rethink the excavation process and shift into a more guaranteed, eco-friendly, and safer method. At 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, we use efficient pressurized and vacuum systems for error-free results. Don’t hesitate to contact us contact us   and communicate with hydro digging experts.

Line Locates with Hydro Excavation

Over the years, line locating has become increasingly complicated. Gas and utility lines have been installed over one another, often without clear documentation or any at all. This means that without proper line locates, excavation jobs run the risk of damaging important cables and wasting valuable time. Thankfully, hydro excavation shows us how to safely line locate fast and efficiently.

Line Locates with Hydro Excavation

Don’t Settle for Less

Proper line locating is critical to safe excavation. Jobs are frequently required for new projects as well as maintaining existing infrastructure. Pipes leak, utility lines need to be updated, parts degrade over time, and some just fall out of use. On top of that, each line is buried at a different level and certain ones — such as gas and electrical — can be dangerous to work around. This is true not only in cities but in less densely populated areas as well.

Simply locating the lines isn’t enough. If they’re not careful, crews might strike these lines, leading to injury, power outages, or more. Previously, we had to rely on slow and exhausting manual labor. The introduction of machines such as backhoes helped speed up the process, yet still could cause accidents. Even if they don’t damage the essential lines, they often tear up everything just to reach them.

Hydro Excavation is the Future

The hydro vacuum is as ingenious as it is effective. There’s no need for explosives, unwieldy machinery, or toxic chemicals. Just water and air. Pinpoint water jets are shot into the earth, quickly turning it into debris that is then vacuumed away into a storage tank. With these precision blasts, we excavate only what is necessary. The vacuum keeps the site clear as work continues, allowing work to proceed smoothly and cleanly.

If the site isn’t mapped out beforehand, hydro excavation is so quick that scanning the area takes no time at all. Gone are the days when you have to waste hours manually digging up the wrong spot just to fill it back in. The pressure level can also be adjusted if there are especially sensitive lines underneath. After work is complete, the area is stored in a GPS for future reference.

Contact Us For Line Locates

4 Warriors has been proudly serving Texas since 2015. For more information on how we perform line locates or to schedule your next big project, contact us today.

What is Daylighting?

Construction is a dirty job and it takes an experienced team to do it right. That’s the Texan way and no one does it better than 4 Warriors. What makes us the best is our proven track record and our revolutionary technology. Daylighting is just one example of what sets us apart from the rest.

What is Daylighting?An Intro to Daylighting

In short, daylighting is the process of exposing underground utilities to daylight. The job can’t get done until you can reach the utility lines so excavating quickly and efficiently is key. The problem is that the deeper they’re dug, the more debris is created. That means more work and more danger. Using manual labor or traditional construction vehicles risk putting people and property in harm’s way. Someone might dig directly into sensitive utility lines, piles of dirt might collapse, or worse.

At 4 Warriors, we have a better way. By using the power of hydro excavation we can daylight with ease. Pressurized water makes quick work of dirt and debris, which is then whisked away into a storage tank. This clears the way for work to be done and makes it a breeze to refill the work area afterward. While other teams would still be digging, our team is done and ready for the next step.

Who We Are

4 Warriors is a family-owned business that began right here in Texas. Our name is a reference to our tightly-knit team and to our devotion to Christ. We strive to treat our customers like our own family, and we believe that shows in our work. We’ve worked all across the state on some of the biggest jobs, everything from refineries to nuclear facilities. Our operators are highly trained, certified, and experienced. You simply won’t find a better team to get the job done.

When planning your next construction job, don’t just look for the team that knows how to daylight. Look for the team that does it right. That’s 4 Warriors. Contact us to learn more today.