3 Reasons to Use a Hydrovac Service Instead of Doing It In-House

Every industry is increasingly moving towards specialization, and that’s just as true for construction and repairs. It’s impossible to be an expert at everything going on at your construction site. Even general contractors who are licensed in all of the specialized tasks don’t handle them personally; they assign the work to specialists dedicated to each type of work. Whether you have a large commercial construction site or you’re adding on to a suburban neighborhood, hire an expert team of trained excavators instead of employees. Here’s why:3 Reasons to Use a Hydrovac Service Instead of Doing It In-House

Good excavation work requires a lot of certifications and training.

You don’t want just anyone to be digging up the utility and sewer lines on the property. The smallest mistake can cause delays and delays mean you’re losing money. While you can train, or pay for the training, for an internal employee or two, there’s a large opportunity cost that comes with it. Your company is also held responsible for any damages. Instead, hire a trained service that handles the excavation and the liability.

Employees are expensive, especially if they’re specialized.

Many businesses are turning to third-parties and contractors for specific tasks. Part of that is because specialized experts are a better resource. But it’s also because employees are expensive: they bring tax implications, health insurance requirements, and salary costs. If you have a small construction company, hiring out often makes more business sense.

Don’t get tools you can’t use 24/7.

Hydrovacuum excavation uses a lot of tools that you can’t use for other tasks. While it makes sense for a company that focuses on excavation only to invest in the equipment, it’s not the same for construction companies and utility repair specialists.

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2 Reasons to Use a Vacuum Truck to Locate Utility Lines

Hydrovacuuming is the go-to procedure for daylighting and potholing. Here are three reasons to turn to it for line locating, too:

2 Reasons to Use a Vacuum Truck to Locate Utility Lines

1. The records will be accurate.

Even modern-day records aren’t going to accurately place utility lines. There are few standardized bodies of records, and most markings allow for a certain margin of inaccuracy. Even worse, maps and records may not fully account for repairs, improvements, and additions since the utilities were initially laid out. Also, because different entities are laying cable lines, fiber optics, and more, you need a direct line of sight to know what’s really under the ground.

2. Don’t rip and repair.

Mechanical digging with backhoes and sharp tools used to be the only way to locate and unearth utility lines. The practice came with the expectation that things would get broken along the way, but that slowed down business and was dangerous for everyone involved. If ‘rip and repair’ used to be part of your company’s standard operating procedure but you’re looking for alternatives, hire a service to see how fast, safe, and damage-free the process is.

When you need lines located on your construction site, hydrovacuuming helps you find them without delays. Even better, the process puts the dirt back with minimal disruption. Go to 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating to get started.

What You Need to Know About Day Lighting

In construction, there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to the safety of not only the materials but the workers themselves. Today, we will be looking at advancements that have been in day lighting.

What You Need to Know About Day Lighting

Just What Is It, Anyway?

The term day lighting refers to the practice of bringing daylight to utility lines. Since they are buried underground, we are unable to monitor or inspect them for sometimes years. Thus they need to be brought to the surface. Doing so allows workers to accomplish a number of things, such as letting them verify where the lines are and what their precise depth is. This is necessary to avoid interfering with them when doing construction or maintenance nearby. Not only that, it allows them to inspect for cracks and other signs of damage, and to repair them accordingly.

Day Lighting in the Past

In the past, workers would have to use basic tools to dig them out manually. It was slow work, costly, and put the digger at potential risk if they cut into the utility line directly. Even using machinery didn’t solve all these problems. Backhoes and other vehicles still took considerable time to operate. Plus, on rare occasions, they would make mistakes such as leaving areas without cell phone access or even electricity (and that’s not even getting into the huge cost of repairs)! It was an imperfect system but for a long time, there was simply no alternative.

The Power of Hydro Extraction

Fortunately, the revolutionary hydro extraction technique has made day lighting a safer and speedier task. This new process directs pressurized water to dig small holes in the soil until the utility lines are exposed. A vacuum removes the debris created by the process and stores it in a tank so that it doesn’t build up and make a mess. The holes created are very precise so that damage to the immediate area is greatly reduced. Workers are then allowed to expose the lines in a controlled setting. Not only that, as it only requires a small crew to operate and will save even more money over the long term in repairs.

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3 Soil Problems Vacuum Excavation Can Solve

What’s beneath the surface of your construction site is just as important as what already exists above the ground. If you need excavation, choose an option that takes soil type into consideration because:

3 Soil Problems Vacuum Excavation Can Solve

1. Clay dirt is where you need good excavation the most.

The type of soil you’re building on decides a lot of the infrastructure, and this is even truer when it comes to the plumbing. If you’re breaking ground in an undeveloped area or unincorporated land that’s under loose county control, there’s probably established sewage connections nearby.

But septic systems don’t work when there’s clay soil and not enough drainage. Most areas actively prohibit construction if there’s a failed percolation test, so the only way to develop the land is to extend the closest lines. Vacuum excavation can help you find them and efficiently start laying down new ones.

2. Mechanical excavation is bad news in the winter.

Frozen dirt is hard to work with. Even if a mechanical excavation tool can break into the ground, it’s going to do a lot of damage with every swing. Use hydro vacuum or vacuum excavation instead. It can lose loosen icy soil and keep the existing utilities much safer. Damaging those lines is going to be even costlier in the winter because repairs will take more time.

3. You can worry less about cleanup.

Excavation always seems to leave behind too much dirt. It expands once it’s dug out of the ground, especially if it’s dug out or turned into a slurry. Vacuum excavation keeps the excess to a minimum. Because it’s also more precise, there’s less dirt to worry about. Even if your construction site is packed, you can keep things moving along with less lost space.

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3 Benefits of Hiring a Vacuum Excavator for Your Next Project

Managing a construction site is all about finding the best solutions for constantly changing problems. A change order might mean in-progress building needs to be slightly bigger. Surprise notices from the county or city might mean you need to add more to the utility lines. Sometimes, those existing utility lines might not have been completely marked in the first place. No matter what the problem is, hiring a vacuum excavator on your next project just might be your best solution.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Vacuum Excavator for Your Next Project

1. You can use the moved dirt as back fill without worrying about slurry.

Excess dirt has to go somewhere. If it’s contaminated, that becomes more expensive quickly. The best way to make sure you don’t have to deal with the problem of removing excess soil is to make sure the material can be used as backfill. Slurry from water-based excavation can expand the volume of the dirt and leave you with a problem. Vacuum excavation makes sure that doesn’t happen.

2. Control excess weight on your construction site.

Water is heavy. So are traditional, mechanical excavation tools. If you’re working in an area that has weight constraints either because of the active construction or because of the nature of the premises, you need something lightweight.

3. You don’t have to shut down because of damage delays.

Mechanical excavation is dangerous for your timeline. With the wrong tools, it’s far too easy to break pipes or snap power connections. Vacuum excavations are gentler on the utilities you need to have exposed. This means you have a lower risk of delays from fixing the damage and your worksite stays safer.

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating won’t just give you the right tools. Our services include trained professionals who can get the job done while you continue building. Contact us here to get started.

Why You Should Hire a Hydrovac Service Instead of Renting Equipment

Construction sites can be dangerous places, but they’re also pretty crowded. If you have a lot of people onsite or narrow working areas, it can be tempting to rent equipment and have contractors already at the site do the work. But when you need to excavate utilities, the equipment is only half of the total package. Make sure you hire experienced professionals who can work efficiently while delivering safety.

Why You Should Hire a Hydrovac Service Instead of Renting Equipment

Safe processes matter with hydrovac excavation.

Water and electricity don’t mix, but that’s precisely what hydrovac services involve: using a precise measure of pressurized air and water to unearth utility lines. The slightest deviation from recommended handling or aim can be disastrous, especially if your team is unfamiliar with handling the equipment. But a trained service can:

Excavate the required lines without disturbing adjacent zones.

Experienced excavators know how to interpret all of the ground markings at a glance to avoid disaster. They can predict difficult areas and devise alternative routes for excavation that don’t slow down work at the site or damage the infrastructure. They can also respond faster to unexpected hazards.

Minimize everyone’s liability.

Professionals don’t just keep themselves and the site safe while they work. We can establish safety perimeters that keep other workers and site visitors away from the excavation hole, unearthed power lines, and active equipment. We also have the safety equipment to keep the worksite compliant with OSHA standards.

Hiring the work out to professionals also limits your own liability. While you or the general contractor maintain management of the site, professional excavators assume clearly delineated responsibilities.

Respond to environmental surprises.

Even if the best markings and site preparation, excavation takes a bit of revision. Trained excavators can adjust the water’s pressure according to different layers in the soil. They can also power down the psi at the first sign of incorrectly placed power cables.

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2 Reasons to Use Hydrovac Excavation on Your Next Project

Handling every element of a construction site is next to impossible, especially if you’re working with third-party services and contractors. That’s why it’s important to look into the companies, services, and specific risks so you can control as much of your site as possible. If you need excavation services, but you’re not sure which technique is best for the site and project, hydro excavation is almost always the optimal choice. Here’s why:

2 Reasons to Use Hydrovac Excavation on Your Next Project

Hydro excavation is safe.

Reducing workplace accidents and minimizing disruption to the worksite area are two constant concerns in every project. When it comes to excavation, the risk of damage to the utility lines you both need to build off of and use for the course of the project is high. Traditional excavation uses sharp tools and a lot of pressure in the course of shifting the dirt and revealing the underlying lines. These methods increase the risk of disruption, damaged lines, and delays, which increases the risk of safety issues while making up for lost time later. But hydro excavation uses water pressure to shift soil aside. The pressure can be modified based on the soil type and the projected location of the infrastructure so accidental damage is limited. Because the truck isn’t directly involved in picking up the dirt and setting it aside, the trucks can also be parked a safe distance away. This better allows for routine traffic and minimal disruption to adjacent projects.

The surrounding area isn’t covered in dirt.

Traditional excavation methods often involved piling the removed dirt to the side. If the construction is in a highly developed area or against the road, altering that process can lead to additional expenses. But hydro excavation collects the dirt and water in a tank. The adjacent area is not dirtied or disrupted. Once the excavation is complete the soil can be transferred to a safe location.

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Hiring a Third-Party Excavation Service Can Save You Legal Fees

Every area of construction comes with a lot of regulation and liability. Whether you’re building on undeveloped land or making roadside repairs in the middle of a densely urban area, it’s important to protect your company from claims and legal action. One of the best ways to do that is by hiring third-party services for every part of the operation besides your core business function.

Hiring a Third-Party Excavation Service Can Save You Legal Fees

Hiring a service instead of renting trucks or equipment often puts the liability on the service.

Excavation is particularly full of risks. There is the risk of damaging utility lines and causing minor emergencies in the surrounding area. The trucks or pumps might damage the immediately adjacent area. Trucks, in particular, carry increased liability for roadways obstructions, traffic accidents, and weight limits. But third-party excavation experts know when, where, and how to operate their equipment to comply with local laws and limitations. Their business isn’t just to excavate lines and utilities. It’s to do so safely and with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Hiring a third party is not a complete guarantee since claimants and their insurance providers will make claims until something sticks or a party is found primarily responsible. But hiring professionals not only protects your company better in the event of a claim, it can minimize the risk of a claim in the first place.

Check the company’s insurance coverage and reputation.

The more you know about a company before contracting with them, the safer your own company is. Check with their online reputation, past customers, and their insurance policy before finalizing an agreement. Professionals know you need assurance for your own professional reputation, and any sign of hesitation could indicate that something is wrong.

We look forward to giving your company optimal excavation services. Browse our site for images of past jobs, reviews, and our business details.

How to Get the Most Out of Hydrovac Excavation on Your Next Project

Construction projects are on tight schedules, and work has to get done in a variety of conditions. If you need utilities or lines excavated quickly, hydrovac services are the best option. No matter the weather conditions, ground conditions, or schedule constraints, hydrovac excavation can get the job done. Here’s how:

How to Get the Most Out of Hydrovac Excavation on Your Next Project

Hydrovac trucks can modify the water settings for any ground conditions.

Soil types change even across the same construction site. But hydrovac trucks come with water pressure control so trained experts can uncover utility lines without damaging them. Traditional excavation methods can always account for changes in soil type. Using pressure that is too low starts to impact your schedule and takes too long, especially if it’s an exploratory excavation. Using the right cutting tips and GPM (Gallons per minute) can also affect overall efficiency.

The soil is always impacted by the weather, not just the soil composition. If you’re completing a change order immediately after or torrential storm, hydrovac services can get rid of the excess water. If your project is taking place in the middle of winter, hydrovac boilers can defrost the work area and complete the excavation on time.

Ask how their hourly rate is impacted by conditions.

When you’re charged by the hour, you want that hour to be as efficient as possible. That means rain, bad weather, and delays work against your projected budget. Talk to your prospective services about under conditions determine lower or higher rates so you can reduce potential variables. Other factors such as dump times, the number of people per truck and more can also impact the final price, so get specifics as early as possible. Contact us today to schedule an estimate!

3 Reasons To Hire A Texas Hydro Excavation Company

The choice between large and local companies is part of every industry. But when it comes to construction, excavation, and repairs, local companies generally bring more to the table than larger organizations. Here are three reasons why your excavation needs, in particular, need a local service provider.

3 Reasons To Hire A Texas Hydro Excavation Company

1. They are more familiar with local ordinances and zoning trends.

Every region has their own accumulation of construction and excavation norms based on their combination of city, county, and state ordinances. Nationally branded companies may not be familiar with every rule and regulation, and that can cause delays in your overall timeline. Local companies are also more familiar with the actors and companies involved in local utilities, electricity, and service providers. This can save you time and they can help you work in areas with no zoning so you can pick up trends faster.

2. They may have excavated the area previously.

Quick excavation relies on both good tools and good records. If it’s impossible to locate older records of where utility lines stopped in a developing or rural area, then that means you have to allow time for a lot of digging and searching. Good tools and trained excavators can cut down that time, but it’s still preferable to have the records. Look for Texas companies that may have worked in that exact area before. Not only will they have municipal records, they have their own historical documents of similar projects.

3. Local companies are more invested in long-term quality.

Even if you need lightning-fast excavation, you still need quality assurance and minimal damage to the surrounding area. That’s where an experience hydro excavation company gives you the best guarantee. Not only does a Texas company have a vested interest in maintaining the integrity of the lines, they also have a long-term reputation to protect. You don’t have to worry about companies who are just interested in a quick paycheck.

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