Hydro Excavation: A Safer Process

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating is committed to exceeding our client’s highest expectations, fully understanding timelines, safety, and of course your price budget. If you are looking for a safer process, effective and precise solution for moving dirt, hydro excavation is your answer. Less destructive than traditional excavation methods, soil can be moved without costly damage to root systems, utilities and other underground infrastructure.

Hydro Excavation: A Safer Process

Hydro Digging Produces Unmatched Results

Hydro excavation is a safe and environmentally friendly method. It gets work done within a short period and concisely. Our company uses high-pressure water jets to dig a specific area.  The water contains no chemicals or toxins, thus cause no harm to surrounding water sources.

The water jet precisely cuts through the soil and loosens it.  A vacuum pump works jointly with the water jet to suck up the debris, dirt, or extra water and transfers it to the debris tank.

Equipment that performs the excavation process is situated away from the excavation area. This process of positioning adequately decongest the excavation site.

Why Hydro Excavation is the Future?

More Precise

Hydro excavation accurately moves the soil.  4 Warriors Hydro Excavating uses intelligent GPS mapping technology to identify what needs to be dug meticulously. Any underground pipes and utilities are circumvented thus will not be damaged. Consequently, it does the digging process so precisely without disturbing the surrounding soil.

Efficient and Faster

The hydrovac equipment is instinctively designed to break up the soil and vacuum all debris simultaneously. Since the process is efficient, it avoids repairs to pipes or other underground utilities. When employed in landscaping, it minimizes the need for backfilling.

For companies, local government, or pipelines interested in locating underground utilities, hydro digging minimizes added costs for labor or restoration jobs. Typically, this method is an innovative modern option that replaces traditional and ineffective manual digging, explosives, and machinery.

Rethink your Excavation Process

If you are considering installing underground lines or utilities, rethink the excavation process and shift into a more guaranteed, eco-friendly, and safer method. At 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, we use efficient pressurized and vacuum systems for error-free results. Don’t hesitate to contact us contact us   and communicate with hydro digging experts.

Line Locates with Hydro Excavation

Over the years, line locating has become increasingly complicated. Gas and utility lines have been installed over one another, often without clear documentation or any at all. This means that without proper line locates, excavation jobs run the risk of damaging important cables and wasting valuable time. Thankfully, hydro excavation shows us how to safely line locate fast and efficiently.

Line Locates with Hydro Excavation

Don’t Settle for Less

Proper line locating is critical to safe excavation. Jobs are frequently required for new projects as well as maintaining existing infrastructure. Pipes leak, utility lines need to be updated, parts degrade over time, and some just fall out of use. On top of that, each line is buried at a different level and certain ones — such as gas and electrical — can be dangerous to work around. This is true not only in cities but in less densely populated areas as well.

Simply locating the lines isn’t enough. If they’re not careful, crews might strike these lines, leading to injury, power outages, or more. Previously, we had to rely on slow and exhausting manual labor. The introduction of machines such as backhoes helped speed up the process, yet still could cause accidents. Even if they don’t damage the essential lines, they often tear up everything just to reach them.

Hydro Excavation is the Future

The hydro vacuum is as ingenious as it is effective. There’s no need for explosives, unwieldy machinery, or toxic chemicals. Just water and air. Pinpoint water jets are shot into the earth, quickly turning it into debris that is then vacuumed away into a storage tank. With these precision blasts, we excavate only what is necessary. The vacuum keeps the site clear as work continues, allowing work to proceed smoothly and cleanly.

If the site isn’t mapped out beforehand, hydro excavation is so quick that scanning the area takes no time at all. Gone are the days when you have to waste hours manually digging up the wrong spot just to fill it back in. The pressure level can also be adjusted if there are especially sensitive lines underneath. After work is complete, the area is stored in a GPS for future reference.

Contact Us For Line Locates

4 Warriors has been proudly serving Texas since 2015. For more information on how we perform line locates or to schedule your next big project, contact us today.

What is Daylighting?

Construction is a dirty job and it takes an experienced team to do it right. That’s the Texan way and no one does it better than 4 Warriors. What makes us the best is our proven track record and our revolutionary technology. Daylighting is just one example of what sets us apart from the rest.

What is Daylighting?An Intro to Daylighting

In short, daylighting is the process of exposing underground utilities to daylight. The job can’t get done until you can reach the utility lines so excavating quickly and efficiently is key. The problem is that the deeper they’re dug, the more debris is created. That means more work and more danger. Using manual labor or traditional construction vehicles risk putting people and property in harm’s way. Someone might dig directly into sensitive utility lines, piles of dirt might collapse, or worse.

At 4 Warriors, we have a better way. By using the power of hydro excavation we can daylight with ease. Pressurized water makes quick work of dirt and debris, which is then whisked away into a storage tank. This clears the way for work to be done and makes it a breeze to refill the work area afterward. While other teams would still be digging, our team is done and ready for the next step.

Who We Are

4 Warriors is a family-owned business that began right here in Texas. Our name is a reference to our tightly-knit team and to our devotion to Christ. We strive to treat our customers like our own family, and we believe that shows in our work. We’ve worked all across the state on some of the biggest jobs, everything from refineries to nuclear facilities. Our operators are highly trained, certified, and experienced. You simply won’t find a better team to get the job done.

When planning your next construction job, don’t just look for the team that knows how to daylight. Look for the team that does it right. That’s 4 Warriors. Contact us to learn more today.

Hydro Excavation: The Earth-Friendly Choice

It is more important than ever to limit the harm we cause to the planet God gave us. When it comes to construction, that’s no small order. Luckily, we at 4 Warriors have found a way to finish the job in an Earth-friendly way.

Hydro Excavation: The Earth-Friendly Choice


For ages, we had very few tools when it came to construction. At first, we used intensive and dangerous manual labor. Then when machines came along, they improved safety and efficiency but still carried plenty of risks and could still cause extensive environmental damage. Today, we have something far better: hydro excavation. This revolutionary tool is the best environmental choice for your next project. This can be demonstrated in three simple ways.

1. It’s Cleaner

Hydro excavation works but using high-powered water jets to excavate in the required space. It’s simple water, with no need for harsh chemicals or excess destruction. You won’t have to worry about toxins leaching into the nearby waters or about dangerously powerful excavation methods. The Lord created water for us, and we use it to alter His creation naturally.

2. It’s More Precise

We use GPS mapping to pinpoint exactly what needs to be excavated. The water jets will then precisely blast only what they need to. That means we can circumvent trees, plants, and their roots. At worst, they’ll get a bit of water to drink. A backhoe might powerful, but even the most skilled operators end up causing collateral damage to the environment. Getting it in and out of position in the first place can also be unnecessarily harmful. Our economically-designed hydrovac leaves a minimal footprint.

3. It’s More Efficient

Intuitively-designed, the hydrovac breaks up the dirt and vacuums it up simultaneously. Everything is sucked up into a handy tank, clearing the way for construction or repair to be done. When work is finished, we can then easily empty the tank back into the trench, leaving it as close to untouched as possible.

4 Warriors is committed to getting the job done the Earth-friendly way and at a reasonable price. For more information, contact us today.

Line Locating with Hydro Excavation

Excavation is a risky job, so anything that helps keep people and property out of harm’s way is a blessing. Line locating is a technique that saves an enormous amount of risk but only when done properly. Fortunately, we here at 4 Warriors make line locating a cinch.

Line Locating with Hydro Excavation

An Intro to Line Locating

Line locating is the process of locating any lines that are underground. While this may sound simple, it has only become increasingly complicated and risky. As more and more construction is done and lines put in, it can be incredibly difficult to know just how many lines are currently below. Not everyone keeps proper track of what they installed in the past, so there is often not enough information given to anyone who has a job they need to be done. When a crew begins construction, they might accidentally strike one of the lines, unearth the wrong one, or dig in a completely empty spot. All that trial and error just to get started means time and labor wasted.

Hydro Power

When God created the earth, He gave us all we needed. That’s why we believe hydro excavation is the way to go. With hydro excavation, line locating becomes practically effortless. Here’s how it works:

  1. We map all the underground utility lines with GPS.
  2. Pressurized water jets shoot precision shots into the ground to confirm the location of the lines.
  3. Because the shots were so precise, only a minimal amount of excavation is required.
  4. Work can begin immediately without worry. All debris is sucked via vacuum into storage.
  5. Once the job is complete, the debris can quickly be placed back over the work area.

Don’t delay your long-awaited projects anymore! Our highly trained team has worked on projects all over Texas. Our record of success goes back to 2015, and we’re eager to continue it by working for you. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

Using Hydrovac for the Safest Trenching

Does the construction crew you hired practice the safest trenching? If not, it can lead to delay or even disaster. Nearly every project requires trenching so getting it right is crucial. That’s why 4 Warriors uses the power hydro excavation to make the job not only more secure, but faster and more cost-efficient as well.

Using Hydrovac for the Safest TrenchingWhy Trenching is Important

Before even beginning excavation, construction crews need to know the details about where they’re operating. If they’re careless, they can damage utility lines or just create more work for themselves. They want to clear the way in the work area quickly and efficiently, and that means trenching. Trenching, simply put, is digging a trench in order to reach cables or whatever else is necessary. This simple-sounding job is actually described by OSHA as the most dangerous part of construction. If not properly dealt with, the weight of all the dirt and debris can lead to serious cave-ins. That’s why OSHA issues strict rules and heavy fines.

In Texas, our famous heat can lead to droughts and many projects require knowledge of the effects that climate has on soil. Texas is naturally beautiful but if your project needs to be a little greener, then proper irrigation is even more important. When you pick your construction crew, you need one that can rise to all these challenges. Enter 4 Warriors.

Hydro Excavation Does it Right

The hydrovac technology we implement is a game-changer. Far more effective than even a backhoe, hydro excavation makes trenching safer, faster, and can even fill the trenches back in afterwards. First, highly-pressurized (and sometimes heated) water jets breaks dirt and debris into a slurry. That slurry is then vacuumed into a storage tank, which can then be used to refill the workspace once the job is complete.

Without mounds of debris to worry about, workers can safely begin their tasks. And because these water jets are so precise, they only need to excavate what’s absolutely necessary, thus reducing the amount of work and debris to a minimum. Safer performance, less time needed to begin work, and the savings are passed on to you. What’s not to love?

4 Warriors is TWIC certified, OQ certified, adheres to OSHA, and is ready to make your next project a reality. For more information, contact us anytime.

Why Hydro Excavation is the Safest Option

It’s a new year and there has never been a better time to rethink excavation. If we told you that your next excavation project could be done not only safer but more affordable too? That may sound like a dream but hydro excavation makes it a reality.

Why Hydro Excavation is the Safest Option

A Tough History

In excavation, safety comes first. Although we’ve come a long way from the days of manual labor, modern methods have not solved all the issues. Despite reducing the number of injuries, the technology of the last century still leads to avoidable risk. Large construction vehicles can be hazardous to work around, piles of dirt and debris can injure people or property, and workers can strike underground cables and lines. Hydro excavation negates all of that.

How Hydro Helps

How? Simple! By using precise pressurized water jets, we can dig up only what needs to be dug up. A vacuum immediately and safely transfers all the debris into storage, which can then be replaced once the work is complete. GPS mapping systems allow us to see exactly what’s underneath, preventing the danger of puncturing utility lines.

Fewer People, Less Risk

With TWIC, JSA, and more, 4 Warriors is one of the most highly trained and certified teams out there. Only a small crew is needed to perform the same job as a full team of laborers, making it more cost-effective for the customer. During these times, fewer people involved means minimizing risk as much as possible as well. The power of hydro excavation does the heavy lifting so our experienced operators can complete the same task in even less time, making it the obvious choice.

It’s more important than ever to find an excavation service that knows the risks and has the skills required to persevere. Since 2015, 4 Warriors has earned a reputation for taking on some of the biggest projects in Texas. That’s why 4 Warriors Hydro should be your first and only call. For more information, contact us anytime.

Hiring Professional Hydro Excavation Companies

Whether there is a need for a new foundation or if new lines need to be installed underground, trenching and excavation will be crucial in the construction industry. Trenching and excavating activities are routine, but even routine activities can be dangerous if the tasks are not properly executed by a professional.

This may seem obvious, but it is critically important to remember that numerous hazards come with trenching and excavating jobs. Some jobs are likely to be more fatal to workers. Soil weighs about 2,200 pounds per cubic yard, which can equal the same weight as your vehicle.  Pre-planning and taking protective measures are greatly important to excavation work.

Excavation Risks

Hiring Professional Hydro Excavation Companies

Many on-site incidents are the result of insufficient planning. When mistakes have to be corrected throughout the project, it can significantly slow down the operations, and this will often result in additional costs being added to the project. The consequences of dangers and hazards are too damaging to ignore, and businesses of all sizes will need to ensure they follow the proper measures and protocols to ensure safety when it comes to trenching and excavation.

According to excavation standards dictated by OSHA, a competent person will inspect a trench on a daily basis. Trenches between 0 feet and 5 feet deep will be determined by that competent person. Any trench that is discovered to be over 5 feet deep will need to have their own protective system unless the excavation is made entirely in stable rock.

A protective system can include shielding, shoring, and sloping. Protective systems can be used to protect workers from excavation and trenching accidents, including cave-ins. There will be no one-size-fits-all protective system for all excavation sites. Each excavation site will need a protective system that matches the soil.

In order to avoid cave-ins and collapses, preventative measures will always need to be followed. A solid response plan is also needed in order to take action in the event of an accident. Landowners, commercial owners, and homeowners will find themselves in need of an excavation service for various reasons.

As tempting as it may be to take part in a DIY on excavation, clearing, landscaping, etc., the safest thing for you to do is to hire a professional excavation service. In order for your excavation or clearing project to be a success, you will need to have a foundation that is well-prepared and a solid plan in place.

You can avoid unnecessary risks, hazards, damages, and increasing financial costs by choosing to hire a professional excavation service. If you are in need of excavation services, please do not hesitate to contact 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating today.

It Takes A Hydro Excavating Truck To Get Your Digging Job Done

The main heroes, besides our technicians, in accomplishing a hydro excavation service is a fleet of fully-maintained, top-notch, water-pressurized vacuum hydro excavating trucks composed of the Foremost 1200 and 1600 models.

It Takes A Hydro Excavating Truck To Get Your Digging Job Done

What Jobs Can The Hydro Excavating Truck Do?

These hydro-vac trucks were engineered to do any digging project that needs to be done safely, quickly, and without damage to utility lines and pipes.

A Hydro Excavating Truck can build trenches to lay pipes in.  They can, safely and without damage, perform a daylight or potholing expedition to expose underground utility lines or pipes and determine the depth, size, or type of known utility locations.  There are many more types of excavation jobs that can be done with these trucks but those are to name a few.

What Are The Components Of A Hydro-Vac Truck?

The components needed for a successful hydro excavation job is a boom, dig tube, water pump, vacuum blower, a debris tank, and, at times, a water heater.

  • Water Pump: provides high-pressure water to liquefy the soil for removal with the dig tube.
  • Vacuum Blower: supplies the suction for removing the debris from the excavation site and into the debris tank.
  • Debris Tank: Carries away excavated soil and debris away from the site.
  • Water Heater: Supplies hot water for digging in frozen conditions.
  • Boom: To reach the dig site

Foremost 1200

  • This truck is shorter and lighter and can get into tight places.
  • The debris tank holds 10.5 cubic yards of debris and 1200 gallons of water.
  • The truck has a 26′ extendable rear mount boom with an 8″ diameter hose and rotates about 340 degrees.
  • The vacuum blower is rated at 3800 cubic feet per minute.
  • The water pump pumps 13.2 gallons per minute at 2500 psi.
  • Included in this package is a 700K Dynablast water heater.

Foremost 1600

  • The debris tank holds 13 cubic yards of debris and 1600 gallons of water.
  • Has a boom reach of 27′ with an 8″ diameter hose and rotates about 340 degrees.
  • The water pump pumps 20 gallons per minute at 4000 psi.
  • The vacuum blower is rated at 3800 cubic feet per minute.
  • This truck has a 740K Dynablast water heater.

We have the fleet1r to get the excavation job done.  Contact us for more information.

Why Should You Hire Experts for Your Vacuum Excavating?

Vacuum excavation is a digging technology that does not involve destruction. More and more people are going with this mode of digging and ditching the conventional way. Vacuum excavation promotes safety, is more pocket friendly, and is favorable to the environment as compared to the ordinary digging machinery. It is ideal to hire experts for your vacuum excavating, and we find out why below.

Why Should You Hire Experts for Your Vacuum Excavating?
Experience and Training

Experience is crucial to any field and profession. Professional vacuum excavators come with years of experience and training. This fact permits them to know what to do when different work situations hit. Their expertise allows them to advise their clients better and thus, enables the customers the best value for their money.

Machinery and Tools

Excavation calls for the use of heavy machinery and tools. An inexperienced person may not understand what they need to do or how to handle the excavation machines. But the professionals are well-trained to properly handle the machines and tools safely for everyone around the site.


The excavation process can take very long if done the conventional digging machinery way. The technology applied is less invasive, thus creating faster results as compared to when older excavation tools and machinery are employed. Additionally, the excavation costs incurred are lesser.


Security is always of great concern in any construction site. The experts ensure that all workers at the site can be sure of their safety. This process involves digging with high precision as well as locating. That means that there is a low risk of injury of the workers on site. There is also a low risk of hitting on sewer pipes and electricity pipes.

Environmentally Safe

Vacuum excavating is environmentally safe as all the dirt gets stored up in the debris tank of the trucks ensuring cleanliness in the area. It also offers very minimal disruption when it comes to the public and traffic.

You will never go wrong with hiring experts for your vacuum excavation. Why not contact us to get the job done the right way.