Why Should You Hire Experts for Your Vacuum Excavating?

Texas has a difficult variety of building conditions. Soil, weather, and a number of county restrictions can make excavating parts of your site complicated or even dangerous for your employees and company. Working with a third party excavation company that specializes in the procedure you need can help.

Why Should You Hire Experts for Your Vacuum Excavating?

Here’s how:

  • Texas has a wide range of soil conditions, even in lots right next to each other. Whether it’s sandy soil that doesn’t hold, clay that can gum up equipment or even soil with a seemingly impenetrable layer of rock, Texas has it all. Find a company that has experience with different soil conditions that can build up sturdy potholes and trenches so you can get your work down.
  • Utility infrastructure is easy to break and expensive to fix. Even though some excavation tools are on the market for general construction use, they can cause a lot of damage if you don’t have a lot of experience in similar conditions. Instead of taking on the risk and liability for a damaged utility line, use a third party that not only takes on the responsibility but minimizes the risk of delays and damage.
  • Specialized excavation companies have a number of procedures to ensure safe working conditions. Trenching and other excavation methods can unearth more than the infrastructure you need, and excavation companies know that. So they have procedures that test for dangerous gases, unsafe conditions, and unstable edges.

More and more companies in every sector of the economy are turning to third-party contractors that specialize in a specific field. Tap into an excavator’s expertise at 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating for vacuum excavating and other services.

2 Things to Expect From Industrial Vacuum Services

Though industrial vacuum services are not professional services that are as commonly needed as things such as roofing or plumbing services, there is still a great need for it in order to maintain clean, safe public spaces. If you are in need of industrial vacuum services but don’t know what to look for or expect, you have come to the right place! Let’s take a look at two key things you should expect from industrial vacuum professionals before using their services.

2 Things to Expect From Industrial Vacuum Services

  1. Total Transparency: You want to make sure you are hiring a company that will be totally transparent with you. They should provide impeccable customer service and know how to communicate effectively with their customers. This means being available for customers when they have questions and concerns and answering all questions honestly and concisely. Don’t settle for a company that will be hesitant about addressing your concerns or tries to beat around the bush if you ask a tough question. One of the easiest ways to know if the company is transparent in their business is to read their reviews and get references from past and current clients.
  2. The Right Documents: For your own protection, don’t hire an industrial vacuum service professional who cannot show you their certification and prove to you they are educated, trained, and qualified to do this work. In addition to proper certification, they should also provide proof of insurance and have all agreements that are made between both parties written and signed.

For more information on finding the right industrial vacuum services, contact us today!

Why Vacuum Excavating is the Right Choice for You

We have created some amazing technology nowadays. However, we have also created much infrastructure to support this technology. Water pipes, sewage pipes, fiber-topic cabling, power lines, and more form an underground network built by different people using different blueprints. The result is a large and confusing mishmash of utility lines that serve many important functions on which people depend.

Why Vacuum Excavating is the Right Choice for You

So what happens when you need to access one or more of these to make repairs? Sooner or later maintenance will become necessary one or another of these utility lines. However, exposing and operating on them is incredibly risky. For instance, if you’re not careful you could put workers in danger or accidentally leave countless people without access to water or power. It’s a delicate job that requires precision and skill. That’s where vacuum excavating comes in.

Vacuum excavating works by removing all the solids and liquids from the area, leaving the work site clear and accessible. Any material, from dirt and rock to clay and frozen ground, is safely excavated in most cases with a six-inch by one-foot pipe and airspeed of more than 200 miles per hour. The vacuum hose uses a mix of water and air pressure to transfer the materials into a tank for later off-loading at a dump site. At the site, the pressurized tank and hydraulic pumps then off-load the waste.

With this simple yet safe technique, you can safely perform your work with minimal risk and maximum efficiency!

We are 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating and we aim to bring glory to God and the finest service to you. Contact us anytime for anything you need. Thanks!

Trenching and Excavating Safety Guidelines

Trenching and excavation are among the most dangerous construction jobs there are, which is why it is important to follow safety guidelines as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to keep yourself and your crew safe while performing them.

Trenching and Excavating Safety Guidelines

Before getting started it is important to be clear about what trenching and excavating include. According to OSHA, trenching is the operation of digging trenches that are usually deep and wide. Their definition of excavation is the act of removing earth to build deep impressions in the ground, including trenches.

In other words, the two jobs are almost similar in many ways and for the purpose here can be used synonymously. What is beneficial for one, is most likely going to be good for the other.

Hazards of Trenching/Excavation Work

Each year trench collapses are responsible for hundreds of construction-related injuries. The caving in of trenches on excavation sites are the greatest threat to construction workers and many times end in fatality.

To protect you and your workers from such hazards, never enter or allow your workers to enter unsafe trenches. Any trench that is deeper than 5 feet has to have a general protective system in place. For trenches that are deeper than 20 feet, a safety system designed by an engineer is suggested.

If no engineer is available then it is also acceptable to use safety measures designed by highly-qualified engineers who have adequate experience in trench and excavation work.

Safety System

Some of the most common protective systems used to reduce the dangers of excavation work and trenching include:

  • Sloping: cutting the wall of the trench at an angle.
  • Aluminum Hydraulic Installation supports used to prevent cave-ins.
  • Shielding: using boxes to prevent cave-ins.

While the above-mentioned safety measures seem simple, there are a number of considerations that must be calculated for them to be effective. These include:

  • Soil Classification
  • Water Content
  • Depth
  • Materials
  • Weather

Since so many factors are involved in the design of safety systems as they pertain to trenching, OSHA suggests hiring a qualified person or team that can identify and resolve any potential hazards before construction workers begin excavation or enter any trench. This person or team must inspect the work site daily before the work starts.

General Guidelines

The safety guidelines mentioned above are by no means a substitute for professional safety advice. They do, however, give a general idea of the basics of creating a work-safe environment, especially for those who work at excavation sites.

Some other beneficial safety precautions are as follows:

  • Never use heavy equipment near the edges of a trench.
  • Always inspect the safety of a trench after rain.
  • Keep work material 2 feet from trench edges.
  • Inspect trenches each day before work starts.Always test for hazardous fumes in trenches before each shift.

About 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating

As a Christian family-owned business, 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, believes in taking care of their customers – their family – as the Lord would want. The company offers some of the best workers and technicians in the industry and uses only top-rated machines and materials to perform their work. If you are interested in what 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating has to offer, contact us.

The Benefit of Daylighting

The process known as daylighting uses a hydro excavator to safely open up underground pipes or utility lines. Nowadays it’s the preferred technique in urban locations or in areas with complex pipework. Here’s how the process works. It’s easy as 1 – 2 – 3! First, air and water pressure expose the pipes. Then, a hose removes the debris (including but not limited to frozen ground or clay) into a storage tank. Finally, the work area is safe and clear!

The Benefit of Daylighting

Another benefit of this process is a dramatic decrease in downtime, sometimes no longer than ten minutes. Saving so much time means far less risk of losses or collateral damage. Previously these excavations were accomplished by hand, a slow task that could damage wires and lines, or by a backhoe, which was faster yet unwieldy and still hazardous.

Hydro excavation is a great option and very cost-effective. The losses it avoids is no small feat. One estimation determined that outages can cost up to $5,600 per minute! Not only that, there is the intangible cost of poor publicity and losing public trust. Many people rely on these services and not being able to restore them in a timely manner could lead to a public relations disaster. With hydro, however, there is no need to worry!

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating is an experienced, Christian company that can cover all your excavation needs. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.

Choose a Hydro Dig for a Better Excavation Experience

You may ask “Why should I choose a hydro dig for my excavation?”  When you are looking for a company you can trust, a proven track record is key along with well thought out principles. 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating has both.

Choose a Hydro Dig for a Better Excavation Experience

Operating since 2015, 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating is a family company with business in multiple fields, on both federal and state levels, including oil and gas, pipeline, environmental, and construction.

Our goal as a Christian, family owned company is to not only make an impact on the industry but also on people’s lives. At the end of the day, we want our family to take care of your family. We’ve been blessed with some of the best operators and techs in the industry and also top of the line equipment. 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating is not only the most reliable and safest but also the most cost efficient in the industry.

There are many other reasons to choose a hydro dig for your project as well:

  • It is cleaner and more eco-friendly. The process leaves little collateral damage compared to other methods
  • You’ll get more bang for your buck with a more efficient excavation.
  • It can handle everything from sand, water, mud, and rock.
  • The process requires fewer people to operate.
  • Finally, completing a dig will not interrupt utilities.

If you would like to discuss our excavation services, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

How Using Hydrovac Services Could Save Time On Your Next Project

Over the years, excavation has been an important part of the construction process. This usually involves heavy equipment tearing into the ground with little regard to what is already there. In the old days, there was usually nothing there that was worth worrying about. Let’s find out how using hydrovac services could save time on your next project.

How Using Hydrovac Services Could Save Time On Your Next Project

Over time, this has changed, and now there are power lines, water lines, and other infrastructure in places we often don’t expect them. Because existing infrastructure is delicate, it is becoming an increasingly risky endeavor to just plow right in and start moving dirt. Not to mention the dirt excavated from the site that usually ends up piled around as an obstacle or hazard. Removing the excess dirt often takes more time and heavy equipment.

Hydrovac technology is the safest and most reliable form of excavation available. Hydrovac uses water under pressure to safely cut through and liquefy the soil and then vacuums the resulting slurry out of the hole. This is then placed in a debris tank. Your job site remains clean, neat, and free from additional hazards. This accomplishes the soil removal in a way that will not damage or destroy existing utilities.

When it comes time to start that big construction project, it is well worth considering hydrovac excavation. The safety factor alone is impressive, but this is also a cost-effective method of excavation. At 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, we are committed to exceeding your expectations in safety, timeline management, and budget. Contact us for more information on how much easier we can make your next project.

Line Locates & Utility Excavation

Line Locating is the craft of ascertaining the whereabouts of a sub-surface utility. It is commonly referred to as line locating on energy facilities. There are various methods of finding these pipes, conduits, and wires. Some of these methods are a bit more individual and eccentric; others are incredibly complicated and less user-friendly. No matter what method is chosen, a contractor faces an incredible burden when working on oil, nuclear, or other energy facilities. No work may commence until all of these utilities or lines are located. Line Locates & Utility Excavation

Once all utilities in the area are found, excavation can begin; and excavation on an energy facility must take place without a hitch. Just because the contractor locates the utility does not mean they will avoid striking it. Contractors strike located utilities frequently while excavating. Just as there are many methods of utility locating, there are many methods of excavation. From the shovel to the backhoe, contractors have been excavating job sites themselves for ages. It is true that anyone can operate a backhoe, but on an energy facility when utility strikes can cost contractors their money or even their life, wouldn’t it seem safer to let a specialist locate and excavate?

At 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating, the job is not complete until all lines are located and unearthed. we will use our high-powered Vacuum Trucks to moisten the earth with water, and then remove the earth above the utility with high-powered suction. This method eliminates the chance of utility strikes. All of our operators are certified and trained above and beyond what is necessary for most job sites, so our team will not slow you down. For a quote or preliminary conversation about how we can meet your needs, contact us today.

Hydrovac as an Alternative to Traditional Excavation

Excavation is a common need in the construction business but it can be overly expensive and even risky when it comes to digging up utility lines and buried pipelines. It can also lead to anxiety and worry and make construction projects seem overly stressful and daunting. As a business owner, you may be aware of this and wonder if there is a better alternative. Well, you are in luck. Let’s take a look at hydrovac as an alternative to traditional excavation. We hope you find this incredibly helpful and informative. Hydrovac as an Alternative to Traditional Excavation

What Makes Hydrovac Such a Good Alternative? 

As we alluded to earlier, the traditional approach to excavating can have very damaging results. This can have further negative side effects as it leads to increased liability and ultimately to greater cost to you. However, hydrovac is a method that uses high-pressure water in order to break up and loosen the soil. This soil is then suctioned into a large hose. This entire process is performed safely without any damage to underlying utilities.

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating

If you are looking to perform an excavation project in the near future, we would love to help you. 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating can help you save money with our safe alternative to traditional excavating. If you would like to know more about our approach to excavation, or if you would like to begin a project, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you stay safe and save money in the process.

What’s Included In Hydro Excavation Services

Hydro excavation services are needed for many different contractor jobs. They help to safely locate pipes, electrical lines and other things that are buried in the ground. The methods were first discovered in Canada when hot water was used to help remove frozen soil. The methods and services became perfected and increasingly popular in the United States.

What's Included In Hydro Excavation Services

The processes involved are popular because they’re very affordable, quick and safe. They involve the use of pressurized water which softens and breaks up the ground surface. At the same time, a powerful vacuum is used to draw in the dirt and water combination into a tank, so it can be safely deposited elsewhere. As the ground dirt is removed, other things are revealed such as electrical lines, pipes, and cables.

There are specific processes and terms that are associated with hydro excavation. Exposing underground cables so the sunlight can shine on them is called “daylighting“. Ensuring that underground items can be easily seen helps to improve safety. It also enables others to work more quickly.

Potholing and trenching describe different ways that ground dirt is removed for specific purposes. For example, potholing is used to locate underground objects that are already known to exist so the contractor can have a better idea of the depth and sizes that are involved. Trenching exposes larger underground areas to discover what’s there, or to make it easier for certain jobs to be done.

Hydro excavation services are needed in a variety of industries such as home and business builders, pipeline companies, utility contractors and by engineering specialists.

Do you have any questions about hydro excavating? Please contact us so we can help.