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Get Better Precision with Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is similar to hydro-excavation, only in vacuum excavation debris is sucked up into a truck. Vacuum excavation is a time saver and helps to make projects much safer. It is common to see vacuum excavator trucks working on municipal projects all the way to horizontal directional drilling projects.

Get Better Precision with Vacuum Excavation


Vacuum excavation gives you the precision that other machines do not. Take a backhoe for example, with a backhoe, the amount of precision you have is limited. After the backhoe has finished the work it can do, you have to employ people to do the rest of the work by hand.

If you are working in an area with buried utilities, pipelines, or even artifacts you do not want the best precision possible at the lowest cost. Using a vacuum excavator can get in those delicate areas, suck up the dirt and debris, and have your project moving without the help of fifty men to dig around wires, pipes or other objects carefully.


Vacuum excavation is much safer than traditional excavation done with a backhoe. During a vacuum excavation, a large hose is guided by a specialized worker. There are no other workers needed in the vicinity, and the area is typically roped off.

The vacuum can be used for both wet and dry debris. That means the method will work for drilling sites as well as in inclement weather.


Vacuum excavation dates back two centuries; it started with hydroexcavating techniques. Technology has come quite a way since its inceptions and has moved from large mining and underground building projects to everyday heavy and light duty projects across the globe.

If you have a digging site that needs to be handled with care, or you are looking to work on some horizontal directional drilling projects in Southern or Western Texas visit the 4 Warriors Hydroexcavating site or give us a call today to find out more at (210)268-7102 contact us.

Benefits of Vacuum Excavation

Digging the initial foundation of any new construction project is a very important part of the process that needs to be taken seriously. When going through the digging process, one of the most important parts of the process is to ensure you known where local utility lines and other hazards are located. One of the best ways to do this today is through vacuum excavation. There are several benefits of vacuum excavation that can make it the best option for you.

Benefits of Vacuum Excavation

Safe and Accurate

One of the main benefits of using vacuum excavation to identify the location of buried utility lines is that it is very safe and accurate. As opposed to using heavy machinery and getting into the holes in the ground, vacuum excavation can be completed entirely from above the ground using the excavation tools. The vacuum tools will then be able to clearly identify the depths and location of the utility lines and provide you with an extremely accurate report on location.

Works in all Terrain and Soil

Another advantage of vacuum excavation is that it will work in all types of terrain. Vacuum excavation is strong enough to work efficiently in soil, clay, rockier soil, and even if the ground is frozen during the middle of winter. The vacuum tube will also then store samples of the soil it cuts through to provide you with a more detailed look at the type of soil that you are working with.


The third advantage of vacuum excavation is that it can be a very quick and efficient process. If you are on a tight timeline for your project, a vacuum excavation can be advantageous as it can be completed much faster than some of the other options.

If you are interested in vacuum excavation, you should contact us to learn more about the benefits and services we can provide.

Use Vacuum Excavating to Build Up Your Utility Line Records

Texas is in the middle of a statewide expansion, especially if you live near a major city or Metroplex. More and more companies are moving to take advantage of wide expanses of land and lower taxes, which means the smaller towns ringing those cities are expanding just as much. If you’re part of a team developing land that is near preexisting utilities, then it can be difficult to get started on figuring out where the previous expansion stopped.

Use Vacuum Excavating to Build Up Your Utility Line Records

How to Fill the Gaps in Your Utility Line Mapping

Not all maps and records are complete, especially if they’re not all online. But vacuum excavation can be used to both uncover known utility line sites and to find unknown sites so you can update your records for future builds, repairs, and excavations. So look for excavation services that offer both potholing and trenching:

  • Potholing uses portable vacuum excavators to displace soil around a specific point, and they have low-pressure settings that remove any dirt, water, or debris without damaging the underlying utility lines. Not only does this mean you can quickly continue your project with a safely exposed line, you don’t have to worry about the potential damages and delays caused by backhoes or shovels.
  • Trenching involves using low-pressurized air or water to create vertical or horizontal trenches in the dirt to locate utility lines. Because previous maps may be inaccurate or even missing, this technique can help your team quickly locate the lines and continue construction or repairs.

Locating and building off existing utility lines is an essential part of building up cities, but it’s not always easy. Go to 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating to find experts who can quickly and safely excavate utilities for you.

What is Hydro Vacuum Excavation?

Hydro Vacuum excavation is the process of using water to safely uncover ground utilities. High pressured water breaks up the dirt while a large high-powered vacuum sucks it out to reveal utilities. Vacuum excavation can dig a deep hole with precision in a slight fraction of the time it takes an experienced person to dig by hand. Because it can be done with precision, there is far less mess and the process is non-destructive. Below we’ll discuss why you should choose It.

What is Hydro Vacuum Excavation?

The top reasons to consider vacuum excavation:

  • highly cost-effective
  • less manpower
  • cleaner
  • can complete a dig without disrupting your utilities
  • vacuum excavation will pick up virtually any material such as rock, sand, mud and water

The types of projects that benefit from vacuum excavation include:

  • Utility companies and pipelines as they repair and install
  • Sump and catch basin cleaning
  • Excavation in high traffic areas
  • Clean-up of construction sites
  • Pipe and sewer installation and repair
  • Underground utility locating

Vacuum excavating is also referred to as soft excavation technology. When using this technology through the services of 4 Warriors, our clients will find they save money because of the precision of the process. Time is also saved because there is the surprise of unknown underground utilities is greatly reduced.

4 Warriors Hydro Excavating is a family owned company. Our experience and commitment to dependable, high-quality work will leave you satisfied and ready to call upon us when our services are necessary.