Hydrovac Excavation

2 Reasons to Use Hydrovac Excavation on Your Next Project

Handling every element of a construction site is next to impossible, especially if you’re working with third-party services and contractors. That’s why it’s important to look into the companies, services, and specific risks so you can control as much of your site as possible. If you need excavation services, but you’re not sure which technique is best for the site and project, hydro excavation is almost always the optimal choice. Here’s why:

2 Reasons to Use Hydrovac Excavation on Your Next Project

Hydro excavation is safe.

Reducing workplace accidents and minimizing disruption to the worksite area are two constant concerns in every project. When it comes to excavation, the risk of damage to the utility lines you both need to build off of and use for the course of the project is high. Traditional excavation uses sharp tools and a lot of pressure in the course of shifting the dirt and revealing the underlying lines. These methods increase the risk of disruption, damaged lines, and delays, which increases the risk of safety issues while making up for lost time later. But hydro excavation uses water pressure to shift soil aside. The pressure can be modified based on the soil type and the projected location of the infrastructure so accidental damage is limited. Because the truck isn’t directly involved in picking up the dirt and setting it aside, the trucks can also be parked a safe distance away. This better allows for routine traffic and minimal disruption to adjacent projects.

The surrounding area isn’t covered in dirt.

Traditional excavation methods often involved piling the removed dirt to the side. If the construction is in a highly developed area or against the road, altering that process can lead to additional expenses. But hydro excavation collects the dirt and water in a tank. The adjacent area is not dirtied or disrupted. Once the excavation is complete the soil can be transferred to a safe location.

To see how else hydro excavation can help your site, call 4 Warriors Hydro Excavation.