Hydro Excavation Technology is Making a Difference

From time to time underground pipes should be examined for cracks and damage. It is impossible to see what is going on underneath the soil, but also very important to know for proper maintenance and upkeep. Therefore a method of revealing these buried pipes to the daylight, otherwise known as “daylighting”, is commonly used. In the past a backhoe or a hand shovel would have been the only choices for this process, often being time-consuming and incurring a hefty cost. But today the technology of hydro excavation is making all the difference!Hydro Excavation Technology is Making a Difference

Expose Underground Utilities in a Controlled Manner

Using pressurized water to remove soil and a vacuum to transport it, hydro excavation is the most cost and time efficient method of daylighting. This is because the process is precise and accurate, eliminating additional costs due to repairs that often occur when heavy machinery is used to expose piping. Hydro excavation also reduces the need for a large crew of workers, keeps congestion at the project site at a minimum, and is environmentally friendly. With less mess, less expense, and less risk of pipe damage, this unique method will exceed your expectations.

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