Why Vacuum Excavating is the Right Choice for You

We have created some amazing technology nowadays. However, we have also created much infrastructure to support this technology. Water pipes, sewage pipes, fiber-topic cabling, power lines, and more form an underground network built by different people using different blueprints. The result is a large and confusing mishmash of utility lines that serve many important functions on which people depend.

Why Vacuum Excavating is the Right Choice for You

So what happens when you need to access one or more of these to make repairs? Sooner or later maintenance will become necessary one or another of these utility lines. However, exposing and operating on them is incredibly risky. For instance, if you’re not careful you could put workers in danger or accidentally leave countless people without access to water or power. It’s a delicate job that requires precision and skill. That’s where vacuum excavating comes in.

Vacuum excavating works by removing all the solids and liquids from the area, leaving the work site clear and accessible. Any material, from dirt and rock to clay and frozen ground, is safely excavated in most cases with a six-inch by one-foot pipe and airspeed of more than 200 miles per hour. The vacuum hose uses a mix of water and air pressure to transfer the materials into a tank for later off-loading at a dump site. At the site, the pressurized tank and hydraulic pumps then off-load the waste.

With this simple yet safe technique, you can safely perform your work with minimal risk and maximum efficiency!

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