hydrovac system

Utility Excavation With A Hydrovac System

Hydro excavation, known as hydrovac, is a non-destructive way to dig and excavate an area. It utilizes a combination of water and vacuuming to clear away dirt and sludge. Hydrovac is a highly precise system that allows a strong force of water to be directed at a location via a handheld wand. The pressure from the water quickly turns the soil into a slurry that is rapidly vacuumed up and stored within a debris tank.A hydrovac system can excavate through all soil types, even heavy clay. Onboard heaters even allow the frozen soil to be quickly melted with warm water and vacuumed away.

Utility Excavation With A Hydrovac System

Conventional and old-style methods of excavation do not have the level of safety that hydrovac boasts. Below ground utilities, such as water and sewer mains, are especially vulnerable to breaking during typical excavation practices. Utility and gas lines also pose a significant danger. However, with the hydrovac system of excavation the chances of damaging lines, mains, and other areas of concern are significantly reduced. Existing infrastructure is also not compromised utilizing the hydrovac method.

Hydrovac excavation is a relatively fast way to excavate a site which provides contractors with the ability to quickly lay or repair more feet of pipe per day. Poles can also be quickly placed into the holes made by the hydrovac system. Overall, using the hydrovac excavation system allows contractors to work at unprecedented speeds compared to older excavation methods. Hydrovac is also extremely efficient. Productivity is naturally amped upwards and everyone involved benefits when the hydrovac method is implemented.

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